1997 Chevy 1500 Z71, extended cab, step side bed. $8,000

This was my father's truck so I really don't have much history about it over the past 10 years or so.
Body and interior is in decent shape. Jasper engine installed several years ago. Not sure of mileage on the engine.
It has some defects but overall should be a dependable truck. (Radio doesn't work, blower motor only blows on high, still has an oil leak, freon leak)
-just had the transmission rebuilt
-new a/c compressor although is still has a Freon leak
-tires are in great shape
-getting new front brakes now
-oil pressure switch getting replaced now to fix on oil leak
I'm going to have spent around $4,000 by the time I pick it up from the shop.
I'd like to get $8,000 but it's hard to tell what these trucks are worth. I've seen rough ones for $5,000 and ones in excellent shape for $15k.
I can text pictures. Located in Auburn.