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Serious Deer Talk
J Wayne Fears. True outdoorsman
by top cat. 06/06/20 01:29 PM
Mule deer tag
by BigCountry062307. 06/05/20 04:20 PM
Is it to early?
by bamabeagler. 06/04/20 06:21 PM
Iron Clay Pea Herbicides
by Goldfish. 06/01/20 04:43 PM
Is it deer season yet?
by JohnnyLoco. 06/01/20 03:54 PM
Aldeer Classifieds
ISO AR-10 Stripped or Complete Lower
by Cbonner15. 06/06/20 05:10 PM
ISO equipment trailer
by btfl. 06/06/20 02:34 PM
Stripped AR upper
by Bar7Mag. 06/06/20 12:52 PM
FS: Stevens 301 .410 MOBU
by wmd. 06/06/20 11:32 AM
Auburn condo for rent
by AU7MM08. 06/06/20 09:43 AM
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Aldeer General Forum
1 minute ago
honestly wasn't trying to be a d*** just wasn't sure if you were trying to be sarcastic.i dig history just thought this was well known.sorry
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Aldeer General Forum
1 minute ago
I think Trump is going to fool them again, they tried it last time and they couldnt believe it and still wont admit it. I bet he does it again.
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Aldeer General Forum
6 minutes ago
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Aldeer General Forum
11 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Bmyers142
If you go in to Valparaiso go see Willingham at Willingham Seafood off of hwy 20 will be cheaper

This is the least expensive shrimp you will find ANYWHERE. They usually have a sign out front for $2.99/lb. We actually picked up 4 one pound lobsters there two weeks ago for $55 including tax.
I've bought a box of oysters there for cheaper than I've found anywhere.
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Aldeer General Forum
13 minutes ago

Y'all should read this (Guys shoulders she's on) crap
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Aldeer General Forum
17 minutes ago
Jump to new posts Re: LFAP [by CAL]
Good! That’s what it’s going to take. If you notice any of the videos where they meet forceful resistance they scatter like the coward cockroaches they are.
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Aldeer General Forum
18 minutes ago
Originally Posted by brushwhacker
Yea im just dumb ol country boy. Thats fine with me. Yall need listen to the candice owens gal. Now she got some common sense .

Dumb ol country boy..........same here. Yup, I like her.
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Aldeer General Forum
19 minutes ago
Originally Posted by jwalker77
We had three acres of canteloupes when I was about 12yo. They were some high dollar seed canteloupes we stuck in the ground one at a time. Then it started to rain. They grew up in grass and daddy made me work them out cause the seed were so expensive. Me and my aunt Dean hoed all day long several days trying to save that little canteloupe patch. That was a struggle for a 12yo, sure enoung. In 1993 my daddy brought home $300/week and managed to raise four kids and we all ate good every day but never took a dime from the govt, as far as I know. Must have been a struggle. What the crap do these two know about a struggle?

Part of the problem is many of these people haven’t ever worked a full day in the hot sun or probably worked a full day at all. They need some time to haul square bales in July. I can remember joking with the guy we were buying the hay from as we picked it up out of the field. I asked what do I have to do to get fired? He said “throw it over the trailer”! Wasn’t any fun but learned what work was a loan early age.
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Aldeer Classifieds
26 minutes ago
In search of a stripped or complete AR-10 lower receiver. Doesn’t matter which one. Let me know what you have. My cell is 205-457-4151.
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
27 minutes ago
Originally Posted by TurkeyJoe
I use a Carlson 575 in two different 870s. One has a 21” barrel, the other is 18.5. Both make great even hunting patterns.

I suppose I should have added that I shoot 1 5/8 oz of 9s out of the 21”, and 1 3/8 oz of 9.5s out the 18.5.
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AL Garden and Farm
28 minutes ago
army work . Bt probably work. Hornworm worse . Eat all the leaves before you notice them
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Aldeer General Forum
29 minutes ago
Originally Posted by jawbone
I told ya'll the show doesn't show what it it really about.

Stick with The First 48 and Accused.

First 48 gotta be fake. Mostly shows blacks killing blacks and we all know whitey is really the problem
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Aldeer General Forum
32 minutes ago
He gone.. Trump wasnt happy with him a few days ago and now this bs
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
33 minutes ago
Seems like a very interesting guy!
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Aldeer General Forum
35 minutes ago
I’d still work my same job too...but with a whole lot less “give a crap”. grin
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Aldeer Classifieds
41 minutes ago
Btfl check your PM please
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Aldeer General Forum
52 minutes ago
Ala power sent crews to Mississippi my friend that works with power co is with them
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Aldeer Classifieds
54 minutes ago
Thank You!
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
I just had to Google what all the hubbub was about the Channel 31 Weather Gal (nice but no prize winner, there IMO), and found a bunch of tales from employees about the people that had worked there and some of their antics. Some of them are entertaining, some not so. The one about accidently broadcasting XXX movies while covertly converting them from film to VCR for personal use was a good ‘un:

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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by 2Dogs
Only thing Greg is gonna protest is anything that costs him $. laugh

That's the Aldeer fact of the year and me and you may be the only two that can enjoy it. LOL

jbatey, the only Proctor that I know is Greg. If you tell him I said this, I'll kill you. He's a good dude. He'd likely help you in any way he could, IF he knows you. AND, if you ever need an expert on ANYTHING, he's your guy. He's worse than me. LOL He and I use to work together and one day he called me a know it all asshole when we were arguing about something. I told him that if there had ever been a case of the "pot calling the kettle black" that was it. He busted out laughing because he knew that was a fact. If you ever meet him, tell him the know it all asshole said hey.
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Land, Leases, and Hunting Clubs
1 hour ago
Still need 2 members, 2 members are losing their jobs
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
I love it love it love it. Them 3100 trans are so much smoother and strong than the 2200s that were in my Z122R. Cut my mowing time in half. More beer drinkin time.
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by roadkill
The predictability of the system is like gambling in Mississippi. The casino holds all the good information. When the system gets backed up everyone is delayed. I have no idea how many I've run and the one thing that gets some folks through quicker than every one else is the uniqueness of their name. Females never get delayed. Yesterday seventeen in a row were delayed. First time for almost all of them. With the current demand for firearms my suggestion is to simply plan on a delay and go from there.

No doubt. Still pisses me off about the whole permit thing, but oh well, that's over and done with.......
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Land, Leases, and Hunting Clubs
1 hour ago
What do you mean about a new group taking over?
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
I didn’t see any protestors on the islands in Pensacola all weekend

But that makes sense
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