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Serious Deer Talk
Hauling deer with a car?
by MC21. 07/14/19 09:52 PM
Feeding law clarified yet?
by globe. 07/14/19 02:30 PM
Climbing Tree off season close one
by gcr0003. 07/14/19 12:57 PM
Practicing Stalking?
by BearVenue. 07/13/19 10:40 AM
Roasted soybeans
by 257wbymag. 07/11/19 06:50 PM
Aldeer Classifieds
WTB compound bow
by boker. 07/16/19 01:48 PM
CVA Hunter 223
by Out back. 07/16/19 11:49 AM
PSE Response
by cchoque93. 07/16/19 11:12 AM
Bow sight, arrows, tactacam
by El_Matador. 07/16/19 10:07 AM
2018 Excel Bay Pro 220
by booner. 07/16/19 09:17 AM
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Aldeer Classifieds
3 seconds ago
Originally Posted by roadkill
With the exception of the age you just described my first wife.

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AL Fishing Talk
34 seconds ago
Jump to new posts NC [by chad1980]
Any of you ever went on an offshore trip out of North Carolina. My Dad has to move up there for a year and has a house very close to the coast in New Bern. I am thinking about putting together a trip out there. Wondering what is the best time, I know the Atlantic can get angry in the fall and winter.
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Guns N Gear
2 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Big Game Hunter
Ammo is .223
This AR shoots either
The gun had been fired about 10 times prior to the jam with ammo from the same lot.

I’m guessing the “slam against the ground” method might work. It will be what I try first.

The ‘slam’ causes the bolt carrier to move back into the buffer tube, thus rotating the bolt head. Same as I described in gently prying the carrier to the rear.
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Aldeer General Forum
3 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Out back
Originally Posted by willdo22
That's how I found .40-60 ammo.

Now that's seriously an odd ball caliber. I think it's been obsolete for about a century.

Odd = Cool
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AL Fishing Talk
4 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Bull64
Buy once and cry once grin

That's my normal method, but DANG they're high.

Originally Posted by jwalker77
That big catfish you lost get in your head? I bought a real heavy ugly stik from AC870 and put an ambassador on it for my son, in case he hung a real big one. I was wondering why you didnt chase that fish?

Yeah, I want another shot at it. I've been in that hole 4 times and I had a fish break off and my son did last year. I'm gonna catch that big son of a gun before it's over with.

Originally Posted by hunting13
I have had 3 of them for 2 years now and have No complaints at all

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Aldeer General Forum
5 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Goatkiller
Don't know anyone from Scottsboro with more money than Sam Walton had.

Are you the meth dealer on Sand Mountain or just got rich selling game cameras in your mom's thrift shop?

You got baller money you should buy your moms a house like a tru playa and get her outa the thrift bidness.

Parents are ok too , they just got new lenolium and their single wide ll be paid off next year wink
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Aldeer General Forum
6 minutes ago
Thanks for all the advice. I guess it looks like there have been varied results, even tho its a state registration I imagine county to county varies. The motor is a 40hp Mariner/Yamaha. Has new batteries, new trolling motor and a pretty new fish finder. Dont remember the details, I will have to go look. The motor is excellent, sips fuel and runs strong.

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Serious Deer Talk Forum
7 minutes ago
Originally Posted by CNC
I hauled one about 3 1/2 hours back home on the spoiler of my Nissan 240 back when I was a teenager.

Helped a buddy get one out of the woods one time and hauled it on about a 20 minute ride back to his house with it just thrown across the hood of an old Nissan Maxima. We both rolled our windows down.....he held the front legs on his side and I held the back legs on the passenger side..

My first car was a 89 240 sx 5 speed with the hatchback. I hauled quite a few in that car ..Good times!
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Quality Deer Management
23 minutes ago
Originally Posted by blumsden
Well, we have seen some of the pictures you've posted with your plot full of deer. LOL All I know, is everything you read about buckwheat is that it is NOT a preferred food source. I have a good deer density and they don't hammer my 1/10th acre plots. Strange.

Maybe it’s a difference in how concentrated the deer are to my field in comparison to yours. Aren’t you in an area with a decent amount of closed canopy hardwoods? Maybe the deer that are visiting your fields during the summer are using a lot bigger area for their home range during that time than what mine are…..That would mean that the frequency in which they passed through and utilized the field could possibly be less. I damn near have to keep my does shooed off the porch they stay held so tight. I just don’t think they ever go anywhere much other than a short stroll back into the thickets to lay down. That has my field seeing constant activity day to day….week to week….
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Aldeer General Forum
25 minutes ago
I hate John and his family are having to go through this. Some of the finest people I know.
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Aldeer General Forum
28 minutes ago
3M pollution into the TN river was in the news a week or so ago
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AL Fishing Talk
28 minutes ago
I'm a little unclear on something, is Outdoorobsession for or against the new regulation????

Isn't there already some type of law or regulation that prohibits the introduction of an invasive species into a waterway???

I was thinking if you caught some bait below a dam, then locked through to another part of the river, (which would be another lake but the same river), how could they possibly say that it was another body of water when you never left your boat????
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Aldeer General Forum
30 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Wade
Not sure what CBD oil does for humans but pour a bottle on a stump and two weeks later there will be a hole big enough for a full size swimming pool!

That's only great though, if you are hunting hippies.
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Aldeer Classifieds
35 minutes ago
Looking for a compound bow prefer s left hand but may also be interested in a RH. I want something that is 36” or longer , in the 55/60lb range and that can be adjusted to a 31” draw. Not worried about speed , brand etc .
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Aldeer Classifieds
36 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Dallas County
Does it have a T top?

No, it does not have a T top.
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Land, Leases, and Hunting Clubs
41 minutes ago
I heard they have not been killing many deer the last few years and it is overrun with hogs. Beaver ponds and swamps on the Bear Creek portion.
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Aldeer Classifieds
43 minutes ago
Somebody make an offer. I would like to get this mower out of the way. I am looking for a power harrow or a 7' - 8' tiller I would trade for.
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Aldeer General Forum
45 minutes ago
I really don't know why I read this whole thread. rolleyes
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Aldeer General Forum
46 minutes ago
I saw in one of the recent specials that about the only system without redundancy was the ascent motor on the lunar lander. If it didn't fire and get then back to the orbiter then they were stuck on the moon.

There has been much speculation over the years whether or not astronauts carried cyanide pills in case of such a situation. Guess we'll never know.
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Aldeer General Forum
46 minutes ago
Originally Posted by timbercruiser
Are they out on bond?

No. The judge revoked their bond for felony assault first degree for the crime they committed on June 1 and denied them any bond for the capital murder of Tim. Rumor has it that they moved them from Wilcox county to Mobile because they didn't think that they could keep them safe in Wilcox county jail.
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AL Wingshooters
47 minutes ago
They are hostile on Alabama Power waterways. TVA or Corp land obviously there are fewer problem because the precedence has been set that it's public.

AL Power has pretty much raped and pillaged any river system controlled by them. Not one WMA that I am aware of all they care about is selling a lake lot. Truly sad that our State has allowed that with nothing remaining for wildlife, etc.... but we should not be surprised in the slightest. AL Power could tell Aunt Bee to shave her head and she would do it.
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
57 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Sasquatch Lives
Do you want to kill bucks or just take pictures of them?

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Aldeer Buffet
1 hour ago
I use lean steak like flank or some other lean cut. I am a fan of Johnny Fleemans marinade. Good taste but not overly salty. If you want it hotter and some red or black pepper. If you like it sweeter and some brown sugar. I use a dehydrater I bought at Walmart.
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Aldeer Bow Talk
1 hour ago
Lone Wolf if you looking for a hang on
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
Little Dooey BBQ

Christy's Hamburgers has good food.

Brewski's is in a gas station and does not have a place to eat, but they have incredible boiled shrimp or boiled crawfish and fixings. You take it out in a bag, but if you have a place to eat it, get some!!!
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