I am a pro staffer with The Fallen Outdoors, Team Alabama. We help get vets and active duty servicemembers out fishing and hunting. We are looking to network with hunt clubs and land owners that would be willing to take 1 or heck even 10 vets out hunting or fishing. I can tell you first hand the difference it makes in the lives of these folks. We would love to network with any type hunts, coon, deer, duck, hogs and anything else outdoors.
We are not looking for trophy hunt, although who doesn't like a wall hanger 2 point buck, right? You guys got some cull bucks, need to thin the heard of doe's? We can make that happen. We also know its called hunting and not killing. We all know its about getting outdoors.
If this is something you or your hunt club would be interested in learning about and possibly working with up feel free to comet or message me. I would love to share with you the great things that we have going on. If you are a vet join The Fallen Outdoors Southern Region.

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