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#2291083 - 11/13/17 12:51 PM Fox Squirrel
Cdub Offline
3 point

Registered: 10/04/16
Posts: 157
Loc: Hayden
What are your opinions on shooting a fox squirrel? I've noticed a lot of mixed feelings on trying to keep them around.

#2291096 - 11/13/17 01:08 PM Re: Fox Squirrel [Re: Cdub]
Beadlescomb Online   content

Registered: 12/02/12
Posts: 11668
Loc: Tuscaloosa
Shoot them if you want to...
We will burn that bridge when we get there

#2291108 - 11/13/17 01:25 PM Re: Fox Squirrel [Re: Cdub]
trlrdrdave Online   happy
10 point

Registered: 09/04/07
Posts: 4283
Loc: Flint City, AL
Why wouldn't you..I see more of them than greys.
“In time of war, send me all the Alabamians you can get, but in time of peace, for Lord’s sake, send them to somebody else.” General Edward H. Plummer

"If a man speaks in the woods and there is no woman there to hear, is he still wrong?"

#2291227 - 11/13/17 02:53 PM Re: Fox Squirrel [Re: Cdub]
Stob Offline
10 point

Registered: 06/03/12
Posts: 4627
Loc: Daphne, AL.
Not a problem.

#2291256 - 11/13/17 03:26 PM Re: Fox Squirrel [Re: Cdub]
Cdub Offline
3 point

Registered: 10/04/16
Posts: 157
Loc: Hayden
That's how I feel about them also but it got me to thinking the other day when I was hunting some private property and the older guy said shoot all the greys you want but don't shoot the fox squirrels. When I got out there I saw 1 grey and 6 fox squirrels. I've never seen so many on one piece of property and for that matter with one sit. I know he can do with what he wants with his own property. I just was wondering if there were reasons or opinions other then there's not that many around anymore.

#2291594 - 11/13/17 07:04 PM Re: Fox Squirrel [Re: Cdub]
Reno Offline
8 point

Registered: 01/02/16
Posts: 2346
Loc: Bham
I run my dog on some private property and the landowner is the same way... He asks that I don't shoot them. He says they are there but I haven't seen one yet
Roads? Where we're going, we dont need roads. ~Doc brown

#2291761 - 11/13/17 08:34 PM Re: Fox Squirrel [Re: Cdub]
AUwrestler Online   content
4 point

Registered: 02/02/14
Posts: 612
Loc: Owens Xrds
My grandmother loves them. She thinks they are too pretty to shoot. Id like to have one mounted.

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I believe that this is a practical world and that I can count only on what I earn. Therefore I believe in work, hard work. -George Petrie (1945)

#2291815 - 11/13/17 09:09 PM Re: Fox Squirrel [Re: Cdub]
blade Offline
8 point

Registered: 12/10/10
Posts: 2378
I wouldn’t here only because they are a rarity. Very seldom do u see one. But if they were common, bust em!

#2291828 - 11/13/17 09:15 PM Re: Fox Squirrel [Re: Cdub]
deadeye48 Offline
8 point

Registered: 12/16/16
Posts: 1679
Loc: northport
I skwerl hunted the first 20 years of my life and never saw one.
I've seen maybe a few dozen over the past few years and had a thought to shoot one but if anyone wants to that's their business
A pat on the back builds character if its applied low enough and long enough.

#2291915 - 11/13/17 10:05 PM Re: Fox Squirrel [Re: Cdub]
Turkey_neck Online   content
14 point

Registered: 03/29/13
Posts: 7672
Loc: Clanton
I've killed 10-15 over the years. There are some areas that have a lot and some a few and a bunch of land none.
Would walk over a naked woman to get to a gobblin turkey!

#2292541 - 11/14/17 01:32 PM Re: Fox Squirrel [Re: Cdub]
oakachoy Offline
10 point

Registered: 03/05/13
Posts: 4048
Loc: alex city
Never seen one in my hardwoods, I understand they are prevalent on the Russell Lands property and saw one crossing hwy 63 into the pines. I think if I do see one here I would opt for a pic since I wouldn't mount it.

#2292640 - 11/14/17 02:46 PM Re: Fox Squirrel [Re: Cdub]
Shaneomac2 Online   IMG_0051.GIF
4 point

Registered: 09/08/16
Posts: 727
Loc: Alabama
i only see them when im on the alabama river. But shoot away they make bootiful mounts

#2292763 - 11/14/17 04:32 PM Re: Fox Squirrel [Re: Shaneomac2]
Thisldu Offline
6 point

Registered: 01/21/05
Posts: 1186
Loc: Alabama
I never shot any or saw any for 30 years, but the property we bought 4 years ago is loaded with them.

It all depends on where you are hunting I guess.

#2293176 - 11/14/17 09:00 PM Re: Fox Squirrel [Re: Thisldu]
athteach Offline

Registered: 02/15/16
Posts: 31
Loc: Alabama
We usually don't shoot them because we rarely see them. If we had many of them i wouldn't mind shooting a few of them. We usually leave them just for conservation purposes. Had one guy owned a pecan orchard and fox squirrels were eating all his pecans.He invited us to come hunt and kill all we could kill.

#2293540 - 11/14/17 11:52 PM Re: Fox Squirrel [Re: Cdub]
Powpow65 Offline
4 point

Registered: 01/07/17
Posts: 527
Loc: Chilton
I seen a couple when I went to choccolocco WMA a couple weeks ago. First ones that I recall seeing since I was a kid. They are beautiful animals. I wouldn't shoot one unless I wanted a mount but I have heard they are good on the grill.

#2294592 - 11/15/17 08:53 PM Re: Fox Squirrel [Re: Cdub]
Cdub Offline
3 point

Registered: 10/04/16
Posts: 157
Loc: Hayden
I have only shot a handful of them in the past. I went through a phase where I didn't see many. I wouldn't go against the property owners wishes and mess our friendship up over a squirrel. I was just curious of everyone else's thoughts. Thanks

#2295081 - Yesterday at 10:09 AM Re: Fox Squirrel [Re: Cdub]
Jakethesnake Offline
4 point

Registered: 06/30/17
Posts: 380
Loc: Morgan county
My grandpaw use to see them all the time in new market. I killed one there years ago in a fence row. Havent seen any more and thats been 20 years ago. We always wondered why they died off. I wouldn't have killed that one if i knew at the time. Tasted tougher


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