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#2117975 - 05/19/17 11:18 AM Hunter's Dream
bambam32 Offline
6 point

Registered: 07/08/14
Posts: 806
Loc: South Alabama

#2117993 - 05/19/17 11:47 AM Re: Hunter's Dream [Re: bambam32]
hunter84 Offline
4 point

Registered: 07/10/14
Posts: 776
Loc: alabama
NICE !!!!!

#2118020 - 05/19/17 12:29 PM Re: Hunter's Dream [Re: bambam32]
slippinlipjr Offline
10 point

Registered: 09/22/09
Posts: 3853
Loc: somewhere around 112.
I can think of a million and a half other uses for that thing but I probably wouldn't hunt out of it around here.

Custom Skull Mounts for SW Alabama

Driftwood & Custom Taxidermy Plaques

#2118025 - 05/19/17 12:35 PM Re: Hunter's Dream [Re: bambam32]
jawbone Online   content

Registered: 01/15/01
Posts: 11653
Loc: Dallas County
Excuse the sanctimony.

#2118047 - 05/19/17 01:07 PM Re: Hunter's Dream [Re: bambam32]
mauvilla Offline
8 point

Registered: 04/19/13
Posts: 1206
Loc: Auburn Al
Sale it in Texas in a hurry

#2118085 - 05/19/17 01:54 PM Re: Hunter's Dream [Re: bambam32]
extreme heights hunter Online   sick

Registered: 04/07/07
Posts: 12168
Loc: Over yonder
The price is laughable

#2118135 - 05/19/17 03:00 PM Re: Hunter's Dream [Re: bambam32]
top cat Offline
Freak of Nature

Registered: 08/03/03
Posts: 21032
Loc: UR 6
LUCK:::; When presistence, dedication, perspiration and preparation meet up with opportunity!!!
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#2118138 - 05/19/17 03:07 PM Re: Hunter's Dream [Re: bambam32]
MarksOutdoors Online   content
12 point

Registered: 11/07/15
Posts: 5867
Loc: Chilton County
Uh, no.
"The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him."
-G. K. Chesterton

#2118148 - 05/19/17 03:35 PM Re: Hunter's Dream [Re: bambam32]
Smells Offline
8 point

Registered: 10/20/13
Posts: 1491
Windy day and that thing goes right over, truck and all.

#2118149 - 05/19/17 03:38 PM Re: Hunter's Dream [Re: bambam32]
D Wilborn Offline
4 point

Registered: 01/06/09
Posts: 754
Loc: Cullman, AL
Looks like an accident waiting to happen. And in another story, all the red lights down Main Street are missing.

#2118162 - 05/19/17 03:53 PM Re: Hunter's Dream [Re: bambam32]
BhamFred Online   content
Freak of Nature

Registered: 09/27/04
Posts: 23692
Loc: alabama
aw hail no.
I've spent most of the money I've made in my lifetime on hunting and fishing. The rest I just wasted.....

proud Cracker-Americaan

muslims are like coyotes, only good one is a dead one

#2118265 - 05/19/17 06:41 PM Re: Hunter's Dream [Re: bambam32]
ozarktroutbum Offline
8 point

Registered: 01/28/15
Posts: 1750
Loc: Henry/Baldwin counties
Maybe kid rock or hank jr will buy it

#2118298 - 05/19/17 07:52 PM Re: Hunter's Dream [Re: bambam32]
timbercruiser Online   happy
Old Mossy Horns

Registered: 05/05/11
Posts: 15342
Loc: PDL, Fl
If the truck was a Tacoma he could get 30,000 for it..... grin

#2118365 - 05/19/17 09:35 PM Re: Hunter's Dream [Re: bambam32]
Remington270 Online   content

Registered: 11/09/11
Posts: 11719
Loc: Tupelo, MS
Looks super safe

#2118617 - 05/20/17 11:38 AM Re: Hunter's Dream [Re: bambam32]
chris3954 Offline
3 point

Registered: 01/04/14
Posts: 195
Loc: Lawrence Co
I like it

#2118691 - 05/20/17 02:56 PM Re: Hunter's Dream [Re: bambam32]
James Offline
Mini Boner

Registered: 06/09/13
Posts: 25160
Loc: Mobile/Gee's Bend
Dang Irvington Folks grin
But look away look away Dixie i don't want them to see, What they're doing to my Dixie God Bless Robert E Lee.

#2120827 - 05/23/17 12:23 PM Re: Hunter's Dream [Re: bambam32]
Geno Offline
14 point

Registered: 11/19/15
Posts: 8986
Loc: Tuscaloosa
Not often you hear S-10 and dually used together. I really like the nice fenders he made out of plastic drums.

I wonder how he broke the grille guard on the front right?
A vote is like a rifle: its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.

Theodore Roosevelt


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