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Serious Deer Talk
Game winner stands that have millennium style seat?
by Atoler
06:37 PM
FLIR monocular
by GCC
04:13 PM
SOAs(Special Opportunity Areas) Add to Alabama's Public Hunting Opportunities
03:24 PM
Yanmar tractors???
by Phil_Army
03:05 PM
getting about that time
by muddybucks
02:46 PM
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Dies for sale $25 each shipped
by 257wbymag
FS: Bridgestone Dueler H/T 255/70r17 from 2016 silverado
by NEbamahunter
07:04 PM
by Big AL 76
05:58 PM
Zeiss Conquest 4.5 - 14 x 50mm scope with Z Plex reticle
by bamachem
03:09 PM
Aero Precision AR15 Assembled Receiver, Pistol Buffer, BCG, Two 10.5" Uppers
by bamachem
03:07 PM
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Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Aldeer Express by inatree @ 2 minutes 32 seconds ago

Pm'd you Beadlescomb
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: I am fine by willdo22 @ 3 minutes 55 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: AU7MM08Make it a goal to drink a gallon of water each day.
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Four wheeler sprayer by crenshawco @ 4 minutes 22 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: BibbHunterNorthstar at northern tool boomless broadcast sprayer. I bought the 26 gallon, which is too big for a 350 cc atv. I really like it. Was around $200. Make sure you get one with 2 gpm or more pump. X2. Best one out the
ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
Jump to new posts Re: Deer hunting on your turkey ground ... by Buckedoutagain3 @ 4 minutes 28 seconds ago

How old are you kid?
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: "Deadwood" "Woody" Update by BowtechDan @ 4 minutes 58 seconds ago

Serious Deer Talk Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Alabama Deer Only by North40R @ 5 minutes 4 seconds ago

I'll play! 12/31/15 mounted by Artistic Whitetails. Had a couple guys put the tape on him and came up with 144". Killed in Washington County.
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Sig P320 Owners by bigcountry692001 @ 5 minutes 22 seconds ago

Awesome! Thanks for sharing
Guns N Gear
Jump to new posts Re: First time at 1000! by Reloader79 @ 5 minutes 27 seconds ago

According to my loads with a 300 mag going by bullet drop app with 180 gr leaving the barrel at 3080fps chronographed, energy is around 1000 ft lbs at 1000, best I see a 6.5-284 is around 700 ft lbs with a 140, that's all I was saying. I have know i
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Racist Soap Dispenser by athteach @ 5 minutes 32 seconds ago

People act like nothing ever happens bad to the white man. In fact things like soap dispensers not working, cars cutting me off, people getting advantages for race, political, family, luck or whatever reason happens to me almost daily. I call it life
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Aldeer Outlaws by bill @ 6 minutes 39 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: perchjerker I think that pretty much was the end of him here too. He was still active and a moderator here until just 2 or 3 years ago.
Land, Leases, and Hunting Clubs
Jump to new posts Re: Selective Lawrence County Lease by AlabamaSwamper @ 7 minutes 17 seconds ago

guys, be thankful Todd is being up front. If you aren't interested then there are plenty of clubs out there. At least everyone knows up front.
Serious Deer Talk Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Summer feeders by ALclearcut @ 9 minutes 48 seconds ago

Same thing happened to me. I get very few pics until it starts to cool down.
Serious Deer Talk Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Goodness by AlabamaSwamper @ 12 minutes 45 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: abolt300Originally Posted By: ColeTAn average trophy Alabama deer scores around 120". It takes three things to grow big deer and not many places have that. They are : 1. Age 2. Food 3. Genes You've got to not only have th
Aldeer Bow Talk
Jump to new posts Re: Bow season is close! by BCLC @ 12 minutes 51 seconds ago

One of my keys each year is hunting my go to spots from the outside-in. In other words don't go barging into the middle of your property on early season hunts. Work the edges and easier access points and as season progresses post up deeper and deeper
Aldeer Bow Talk
Jump to new posts Re: good arrows that aren't too expensive by chris4wde2 @ 12 minutes 54 seconds ago

I wound up getting the Beman bowhunters. They recommended 500 spine because my bow is currently on 55 lbs and sense I was comfortable with that those would shoot good at that weight. Any thoughts?
Quality Deer Management
Jump to new posts My trial mix this year by blahblahblah @ 13 minutes 37 seconds ago

I am trying a mix in a pasture plot this year and will monitor it's success and attraction. The mix is oats, blue lupine, and winter peas. Anyone else ever used blue lupine?
Aldeer Classifieds
Jump to new posts Dies for sale $25 each shipped by 257wbymag @ 14 minutes 31 seconds ago

Football and Sports Talk
Jump to new posts Saban by bill @ 15 minutes 28 seconds ago

I feel like Brent Mashburn could have ghost written this. Hilarious. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sec-football/not-anonymous-letter-nick-saban-aight/
Aldeer Classifieds
Jump to new posts Re: Weatherby Vanguard S2 .243 by chadwick @ 16 minutes 6 seconds ago

I love my s2 .257 too.
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: 3 Year Old Girl left in van in Pensacola by perchjerker @ 18 minutes 13 seconds ago

No quail. they are on the phone. It's just like them driving on the interstate 35 miles an hour because they are consumed by their conversation. You can bet if phones didn't work when a car was moving it would save a lot of lives. I imagine they are
Guns N Gear
Jump to new posts Re: New A5 for $1000 by JUGHEAD @ 18 minutes 26 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: burbankI bought a CVA hunter single shot in 20 gauge. It's only 5.5 lbs. About 5 MOA (5 shots)is about all I've gotten at 100 yds. What slugs are you guys using? It does NOT like Hornady ammo. If it wont shoot a 2 3/4"
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Im knew to the Aldeer by soalaturkeys @ 19 minutes 14 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: Shaw Originally Posted By: LarryBAnd again...I don't eat tacos ! Hmmmm..... must be more of a hotdog eater. or....a pickle sniffer!!
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Shop door by ford150man @ 20 minutes 40 seconds ago

If you kill them you better find a discreet taxidermist
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts " professional " tv hunters by deepwoods44 @ 21 minutes 3 seconds ago

I know this topic has probably been discussed before.im curious as to how it works. New top of the line equipment every year. Best places to hunt. I'm curious what do the pay . If any. Are there any you like?
Aldeer Classifieds
Jump to new posts Re: Wrt gun for gun by deepwoods44 @ 27 minutes 1 second ago

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