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Serious Deer Talk
Big Tine 30-06 TSC
by chris4wde2
12:54 AM
Elmore County fall/winter plots
by chris4wde2
06:45 PM
plot deturrent
by Tightline
06/27/17 10:03 PM
all around best fall / winter food plot "combos"
by Northbamabucks
06/27/17 09:45 PM
Discussion: Intentional lack of scent control
by blahblahblah
06/27/17 10:56 AM
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Saddle Set - Slightly Used - $200.00
by TexasHuntress
11:59 PM
Goats for Sale ($75 - $125) or Trade
by TexasHuntress
11:56 PM
ISO 1911
by clarkdeer
09:28 PM
Abu Veritas 7-11 Heavy with Quantum High Speed Reel
by AC870
01:43 PM
WTB H&R Pardner .410
by tjmcdwll
12:36 PM
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Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Nice AL Campgrounds with lakeside/river spots for a camper? by TexasHuntress @ 15 minutes 4 seconds ago

Here are some not far from where we live. I don't know what all you want to have available within a reasonable distance, though. Frank Jackson State Park - Opp (5 minutes from town, mostly a fishing only lake, but does have a swimming area, may n
AL Fishing Talk
Jump to new posts Re: What does a boat when driver slung out? by Michael256 @ 37 minutes 47 seconds ago

Dude get off your high horse and quit letting people piss in your wheaties too. He just had a simple question. "How would you stop a run away boat." A killswitch is a mechanical device and any mech device can fail. So let's say the kill sw
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: 10 year anniversary ideas? by Phil_Army @ 42 minutes 21 seconds ago

We've got 5 more years, but we've said that we're going to Disney World for our 10 year anniversary. I've never been, she has
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Advice needed. by Mike59 @ Today at 01:17 AM

Austal could probably use him building those littoral ships for the Navy down here in Mobile.
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Boat trailer bearings by Mike59 @ Today at 01:14 AM

That's a solid gold move right there ,,,way to go Wiley.
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: What "work" will you do in retirement? by deerfeeder89 @ Today at 01:06 AM

I dont want to retire, every person I've talked to has always said the same thing when asked about being retired "they're busier working more now then they did before they retired"
Aldeer Classifieds
Jump to new posts Re: Wtb Remington 7600/760 by chris4wde2 @ Today at 01:04 AM

Blade yours isn't a carbine withe a camo synthetic stock by any chance is it?
AL Squirrel, Rabbit, Trapping, and Varmits
Jump to new posts Re: Nuisance Gator removal! by North40R @ Today at 01:02 AM

Had another one show up yesterday. I'll get some pics Friday when we catch and relocate it. I was worried about beavers and otters being a problem with this pond being so close to the creek but now I see that the gators can be an even greater probl
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Hyundai has driverless cars by TexasHuntress @ Today at 01:02 AM

I didn't know that they did any testing out on public roads...I thought that was what that track was out beside the Hyundai complex.
Guns N Gear
Jump to new posts Re: School me on savage actions by James @ Today at 12:58 AM

Originally Posted By: joshm28Originally Posted By: JamesHmmm interesting, I have a savage youth model at home, I would like to do something (since my boy's don't shoot anymore) with it. I'll give you a hundred for it
Serious Deer Talk Forum
Jump to new posts Big Tine 30-06 TSC by chris4wde2 @ Today at 12:54 AM

Anyone ever used this as supplements in the summer in front of cameras and various places? Does this stuff have to stay fairly dry in a trough or can it be broadcast on the ground like you would do corn? Was wondering because of my lack of funds for
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: How did you meet your girl? by Todd1700 @ Today at 12:50 AM

Technically I first met my wife when we were in high school. But at that time I was 18 and she was only 14 so it was not a romantic encounter. LOL! At that time she was the tomboy little sister of one of my best friends. Long story short I went away
Quality Deer Management
Jump to new posts Re: supplement feeding by chris4wde2 @ Today at 12:50 AM

I was actually going to try the protein pellets but have heard if they get wet it's a waste of money like maybe the Big Tine 30-06 from TSC. Something that may benefit my deer herd as well as get them in front of the camera
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Food for thought. by Mike59 @ Today at 12:39 AM

I watched a video the other day taken somewhere in france I believe it was,,, since their citizens are so tolerant of the muslims this dude was walking around asking people would they take in a middle eastern refugee ,, as soon as anyone would a
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Tuscaloosa Toyota by Phil_Army @ Today at 12:33 AM

I bought a 2017 Tacoma 4x4 today at Tuscaloosa Toyota. I had Hoover quote me on the same truck beforehand and Tuscaloosa was cheaper. I went ahead and got some step bars out on it, it's the nicest vehicle I've ever owned and not even close to anythin
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Prattville by Dkhargroves @ Today at 12:27 AM

Originally Posted By: bamaeyedocI'm class of '84 and Janet is class of '81. Was a decent system back then. The private school folks wanted to come to PHS in those days. The doc that used to work with us in the P'ville office sends his kids to PCA.
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: A very young Killer Attack Dog... by Wiley Coyote @ Today at 12:17 AM

I've never had one from a pup but will some day
AL Fishing Talk
Jump to new posts Re: Jiggerpoling by Tigger85 @ Today at 12:07 AM

I'll tell Archie, he will get a big kick out of it.
AL Fishing Talk
Jump to new posts Re: Pulling a handgun can land you in JAIL! by Tigger85 @ Today at 12:00 AM

Was fishing one time at one of the oak Mtn lakes. We were on the bank and I was trying to get my small daughter to catch some bream for fun. So our lines are in the water in front of us when these two asp holes in a boat drift around the bank and thr
Aldeer Classifieds
Jump to new posts Saddle Set - Slightly Used - $200.00 by TexasHuntress @ Yesterday at 11:59 PM

Tahoe Barbed Wire Tooled Leather Trail Saddle ($380 new) I bought a set like the one pictured in 2012 and it has been used less than a dozen times. I started out with one horse and traded her for another and the saddle did not fit this one. I can th
Aldeer Classifieds
Jump to new posts Goats for Sale ($75 - $125) or Trade by TexasHuntress @ Yesterday at 11:56 PM

We have four Kiko-X goats for sale or trade. 4 month old brown and white buckling - DOB 2/26/2017 (can be a wether if preferred) - $100 or trade for a nanny 4 month old cream and white doeling - DOB 2/26/2017 - $125 or trade for a nanny.
Guns N Gear
Jump to new posts Re: Which 7mm-08?? by Tigger85 @ Yesterday at 11:50 PM

Browning lever action
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: cutover land prices by Ant67 @ Yesterday at 11:48 PM

With the current state of the timber market things get a little fuzzy. Even still, in Bibb county land that has no acess and is cut over is 700 an acre if you can find it. 80 acres for 600 dollars an acre clear cut with no access stayed on the mar
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Charter by Wiley Coyote @ Yesterday at 11:30 PM

Cut fiber, not sure where or who owns it as I heard it also has Verizon traffic on it. Probably be restored overnight as most providers require 2 hour response and 8 hour window of restoration unless it involves waterway, railroad or other such circu
Aldeer General Forum
That dog has reached celebrity status! Nice floors also
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