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Serious Deer Talk
Binoculars: Why you should get a pair
by jkm0017
01:04 PM
Public land deer numbers
by lances
06:36 AM
w.m.a. ala. harvest reports ???
by garyo
02:00 PM
Quieter Polaris Ranger?
by redhedder
12:56 PM
How to reduce the coyote population
by exciteman
01:53 AM
Aldeer Classifieds
HS Strut Undertaker Turkey Choke
by AUstan23
Thompson-Center Pro Hunter
by USeeMSpurs
04:51 PM
2007 Dodge 2500 4x4 Diesel
by rutwad
03:37 PM
NFab Step Bars - 2012 GMC2500HD 8' Bed
by AlabamaPhi
03:15 PM
Dozier and dirt work needed-Monroeville
by Alexanderjcoop
02:33 PM
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Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Mexicans by ClarkGriswold @ 4 minutes 9 seconds ago

Guns N Gear
Jump to new posts Re: ATV's by AU338MAG @ 4 minutes 45 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: Engine5Honda fourtrax 300 or foreman 450 are hard to beat. I have a 1995 Honda Fourtrax 300. I think it would take a round from a 50 BMG and still keep going. Tough as hell but also tough on my back if I'm riding for long pe
Aldeer Classifieds
Jump to new posts Re: Savage Model 12 .223 20" Bull Barrel by Sharkb8mg @ 6 minutes 17 seconds ago

What do you have to trade?
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Current Baiting Bill by PaintRock0 @ 7 minutes 3 seconds ago

Deer come to my grandmothers bird feeder in her yard. She feed the squirrels corn. I dought she pays a ticket or pays for a permit. Just saying
Al - HandLoader Forum
Jump to new posts Re: 223 powder by AU338MAG @ 12 minutes 20 seconds ago

H335 is a good powder but is kinda dirty. The Military switched to Ramshot TAC years ago because it burns cleaner. I've used both H335 and TAC and prefer TAC. CFE 223 is also a very good powder and will give a little more velocity, it just isn't a
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: For Yous Guys Wanting to Throw Down by Reloader79 @ 18 minutes 47 seconds ago

I love to throw down . One of my favorite past time activities.
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: 181 years ago by jaredhunts @ 23 minutes 27 seconds ago

Remember the Alamo!
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Local brewed by SouthBamaSlayer @ 24 minutes 17 seconds ago

Vulcan beverage hands down.
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Need a Good builder recommendation: Smith Lake area by NoHuntin @ 25 minutes 19 seconds ago

Are you saying it leaks?
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Happy Mardi Gras!! by oakachoy @ 26 minutes 32 seconds ago

I'd be more worried about the feral kitty getting a hold of the little ninja thigh
AL Garden and Farm
Jump to new posts Re: raised garden beds by Maggie123 @ 29 minutes 7 seconds ago

If you wonder about the height, we had these made high because I have a bad back and this makes working my garden beds easy for me. Also, for another tip, we used lots of filler/wood chips/clippings and such in the bottoms of the beds to help fill
Guns N Gear
Jump to new posts Re: Burris XTRII 5-25x50 by Fuzzy_Bunny @ 33 minutes 22 seconds ago

If you wind up,ordering a Burris, give me a holler. I ordered mine from an outfit in Louisianna that I had never heard of, but they beat everybodies price and had the best customer service I have ever dealt with. They called me within 10 minutes
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Prayers please by Honolua @ 37 minutes 8 seconds ago

Prayers sent
Land, Leases, and Hunting Clubs
Take a left at on the first paved road past Fostoria. You'll see a small red brick church on the right. Go about 2 miles then take the next paved road to the left. Farmersville is in the very Southwest corner of Lowdnes County.
Aldeer Classifieds
Jump to new posts Re: >>>>Couple Guns 4 Sale<<<< by Honolua @ 39 minutes 28 seconds ago

Pistol is sold how do I pay my 3%
Aldeer Classifieds
Jump to new posts Re: Stolen Guns by Teacher One @ 41 minutes 6 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: QUAKENTIMBERTeacher one, I live on Colbert Heights mountain , it was done between 10:20-11:05 am I work there. Wagnon Mountain Road has been the home range of several thieves arrested lately. On the mountain, thieves will be w
Aldeer Classifieds
Jump to new posts HS Strut Undertaker Turkey Choke by AUstan23 @ 42 minutes 50 seconds ago

Fits a Remington. Never Used. $15.
AL Squirrel, Rabbit, Trapping, and Varmits
Jump to new posts Re: Getting Started Questions by CNC @ 45 minutes 14 seconds ago

Thanks North40...... You guys make good cases both ways. Now I dont know which one to go with. Im gonna have to give it some thought for a few days as I get my other supplies rounded up. The MBs definitely seem to be tried and true from wh
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Rail road ties by sumpter_al @ 46 minutes 54 seconds ago

I doubt anyone would steal a bunch of them. They are heavy as hell.
AL Fishing Talk
Jump to new posts Re: HELIX 7 SI by AC870 @ 49 minutes 17 seconds ago

I thought side imaging wasn't necessary. I was wrong.
Aldeer General Forum
Go exchange it and call it a day. $20 ain't worth no juan getting their ass blew up.
Land, Leases, and Hunting Clubs
Jump to new posts Todd Cty Kentucky Club (Potenially Two Openings) by Squeaky @ 55 minutes 9 seconds ago

We have 2 opening and will be screening potential candidates to fill these spots. Guys here is an excellent opportunity to be part of great property in North Todd County Kentucky. This property is approximately 1500 continuous acres. Farm consists
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Gun Auction heads up Athens/Madison by odocoileus @ 56 minutes 37 seconds ago

If someone is going, please PM me. I've been looking for a Winchester 74 22Lr for my dad for a while, and may be interested.
ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
Jump to new posts Re: Once upon a TOM by Hevishot13 @ 59 minutes 7 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: cm1975Well done BGD! For a minute there this particular hunt sounded familiar to me I bet it did
ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
Jump to new posts Re: If you where to buy a turkey gun by SkinnertonOutlaw @ 59 minutes 28 seconds ago

Got my new turkey gun Tuesday, decided it was time to replace my old xtrema2 with a new xtreme a400, just use the old xtrema2 strictly for waterfowl from now on.
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