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Serious Deer Talk
Bless The Hunt
by Goose11
09:53 AM
Rain, rain, rain
by timbercruiser
09:31 AM
Rain, rain, rain
by timbercruiser
09:31 AM
Fertilizing around white oaks?
by Myerz
09:08 AM
LFTT 1-22
by marshmud991
05:39 AM
Aldeer Classifieds
Deer Skull Wanted
by wew3006
08:38 AM
Looking for a male Doberman puppy.
by BamaBart
02:38 AM
S&W model 62 .38 special snub nose
by Toyoman
11:47 PM
Practically new dive gear
11:02 PM
WTS.....LH Tikka T3Lite 270 WSM with Trijicon TR22
by Gunnutz79
10:46 PM
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Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Gout? by Wiley Coyote @ 56 seconds ago

If you have swelling rub it down with Preparation H. Seriously.
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Madonna and her thoughts.... by DEADorALIVE @ 2 minutes 34 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: CatHeadBiscuitOriginally Posted By: jawboneDo we seriously want to start prosecuting folks on their thoughts. How many of y'all on here have posted things expressing thoughts about Obama being killed? Same thing. You want them
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Tankless water heater by Wiley Coyote @ 3 minutes 41 seconds ago

My lease partner has one in his camper. He bought the $100 outdoor version and vented it thru his roof since he has a shed roof over it anyway. It works great. Instant hot water in the bathroom and at the kitchen sink. This is what he has... https:
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: How/where do you store your hunting clothes in the off season? by Claims Rep. @ 3 minutes 54 seconds ago

I don't do anything special. I just make sure to wash them in unscented detergent before I hunt the next time, and then apply a large amount of DDW before I hunt. That, plus climbing 30+ feet, and I'm seeing deer and USUALLY don't get winded.
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: A trespasser was caught today by perchjerker @ 4 minutes 51 seconds ago

I'm with you David. Centra's first comment left me wondering if he hit the meth or Geno's bottle ! LOL I read the thread several times wondering where that comment came from. Left field for sure.
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Wather this weekend by Geno @ 8 minutes 5 seconds ago

Hail is a concern today pretty much everywhere. https://twitter.com/itsKaceywithaK/status/823184452713119746/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Trump gutting Obamacare by Wiley Coyote @ 9 minutes 9 seconds ago

And the penalties are gone. That's a tax break in itself.
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Hey Wiley Coyote by perchjerker @ 10 minutes 11 seconds ago

Sheriff Clark is a Great American. He shares the thoughts of most of us. Mental illness rules the Democratic Party.
AL Squirrel, Rabbit, Trapping, and Varmits
Jump to new posts Re: Reusing disposable stakes by North40R @ 14 minutes 59 seconds ago

Chain for me! Good chain will take years and years of use and abuse and only cost a few dollars more to buy them rigged with chain.
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: forestry head services by centralala @ 15 minutes 56 seconds ago

I was pleasantly surprised with our burn. I didn't think there was enough fuel. Turned out great. On 10 acres knowing what I know now would seriously consider a mulcher. I'm talking like a skidder mulcher. I believe we would have come out just a
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Story about a janitor by joshm28 @ 16 minutes 0 seconds ago

This was posted on 24hourcampfire. I thought you guys might enjoy the story. http://popularmilitary.com/nobody-knew-usaf-academy-janitor-president-came-see/
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Serious question about the unborn babies and the law. by SouthBamaSlayer @ 19 minutes 1 second ago

Originally Posted By: eclipse829I'm PRO not paying for a bunch of babies born of irresponsible folks through programs like WIC, EBT, SEC 8, etc. Does that make me a liberal democrat? Pretty much. Murdering an innocent person is murdering an innoce
Serious Deer Talk Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Rain, rain, rain by perchjerker @ 19 minutes 31 seconds ago

Kinda funny to hear this after the countless days of crying FOR RAIN ! Mcninja he has a stutter!
Serious Deer Talk Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Salem Lee co by buster08 @ 20 minutes 23 seconds ago

Sent u a pm
Al Dogs
Jump to new posts Re: The Tales of Otis and Shelby Lou by CNC @ 31 minutes 46 seconds ago

Call just came in from the morning hunt. It sounds like a classic back slap but we're gonna check it to be sure. Deer laid there until hunter got down and then it took off. To be continued.......
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Cheaha State Park by ikillbux @ 37 minutes 10 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: therealhojo Originally Posted By: ikillbuxI grew up on the mountain, Munford/Talladega side (Camp Mac). The park itself is good for hiking and camping, lots of trails (Pinhoti comes through there). The primary attraction is Ba
Aldeer Classifieds
Jump to new posts Re: 1998 Ranger Comanche by klay @ 38 minutes 20 seconds ago

Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Hilly Terrain by 2Dogs @ 38 minutes 31 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: bama1157I probably wouldn't have thought twice about doing it 20 years ago, now, not so much... Yep, hunting smarter , not harder these days.
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: My Son Went to be With the Lord Today... by coach41 @ 41 minutes 35 seconds ago

I held my 3 yr old this morning to comfort him as he had an upset stomach. Even that was a little concerning for me. I can't imagine your pain...but I know its terrible. So sorry for the loss of your son. Praying for strength and comfort to you
Serious Deer Talk Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Fertilizing around white oaks? by 2Dogs @ 42 minutes 30 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: bwhunterI have read that increasing the crown size of the tree is much better for increasing acorn production than fertilizaton. You can do this by cutting down less desirable trees that may be competing with your oaks. Larger c
Aldeer Classifieds
Jump to new posts Re: Deer Skull Wanted by wew3006 @ 43 minutes 4 seconds ago

Thanks Charles
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Tito Ortiz by coach41 @ 46 minutes 42 seconds ago

He suffered a ruptured disc in 2009 and set him back. I think he "retired" then but has come back for 2-3 fights in the past few years.
ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
Jump to new posts Re: Remington model 1100 by poorcountrypreacher @ Today at 10:13 AM

Originally Posted By: 2DogsLoad some TSS #9s and your 1100 with the modified barrel will be a killin' medicine. Lots of fellers that shoot TSS 9s are shooting a choke that's too tight IMO. My 20 has a improved modified choke and it's bad medicine w
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Super DUI by BamaGrad85 @ Today at 10:12 AM

That 2nd guy was toast. Hit the wall pretty hard to put a hole in it like he did...
Aldeer Classifieds
Jump to new posts Re: Tikka T3 lite stainless .243 by flounderpounder @ Today at 10:11 AM

Buckhunter is correct. I went and checked and this model does NOT have the spacers. My new CTR is the one with the spacers. The stock is full sized. This is not the compact model.
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