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Serious Deer Talk
Best Public Land to Camp and hunt in gun season?
by straycat. 10/18/18 03:13 PM
What's the point of a "hunting truck"
by Remington270. 10/18/18 07:29 AM
Repairs and upgrades to the Pirogue
by gcr0003. 10/18/18 01:30 AM
Piebald doe
by Turkeyboy. 10/17/18 07:05 PM
Aldeer Classifieds
by Wareagle277. 10/18/18 01:20 PM
3 scopes for sale
by BigUncleLeroy. 10/18/18 10:27 AM
Small dog needing good home - free
by Andrew Morton. 10/18/18 09:59 AM
Savage Model 10ML - Smokeless Muzzleloader
by LUMPY. 10/18/18 12:00 AM
KY Hunting Lease Questions
by HailState253. 10/17/18 08:25 PM
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Aldeer General Forum
45 seconds ago
Aren’t several of our military allies and fellow NATO member countries that are drastically majority Muslim?

I think people automatically think towel head dark skin mask ISIL video when someone says Muslim. There are a lot of normal looking white people who happen to be Muslim, because they were born in Muslim countries, they aren’t killing anyone, and probably don’t need perch killing them
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Aldeer General Forum
9 minutes ago
Originally Posted by CatHeadBiscuit
If you watch your child develop Autism after having them get one of these mega immunization shots, you would have trouble trusting studies sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. So when I’m told what I’ve seen is nonsense by those with a vested interest I take it for what it smells like. It’s tough to believe when the medical industry says, “We don’t know what causes Autism but we know immunization doesn’t, besides you don’t want to endanger other children with these horrific diseases, do you?” as if Autism is a picnic.

Yeah there’s not a shred of evidence that supports this nonsense.
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Aldeer General Forum
11 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Wiley Coyote
Originally Posted by goodman_hunter
was this a full auto macine gun or a semi auto machine gun?


fully semi automatic high powered armor piercing assault rifle equipped with high capacity 30 round magazine clips
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Aldeer General Forum
11 minutes ago
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Aldeer General Forum
12 minutes ago
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
18 minutes ago
Sounds awesome!!!! I hope I’m in whatever camp your in if you do kill somesomething. The only ones I have been to are walls of Jericho but we camped at the trail head. We also go down to Barbour county wma. They have a nice set up there.
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AL Squirrel, Rabbit, Trapping, and Varmits
23 minutes ago
Hello, everyone. I'm new to trapping and need somewhere to run some sets. Anyone on here willing to help a fellow out? I'm mainly interested in trapping and snaring beaver , and snaring hogs, bobcats and coyotes. But I also want to trap coons and possums for practice. Thanks
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Aldeer General Forum
29 minutes ago
In my little area of the state (pike co) you can still buy dirt for $1000-$1200/acre. You have to look hard but its still out there. This is cutover land, no timber value, not improved pasture. If its 4-5 yo cutover, plan on $200/acre to have it windrowed. I have a boomless setup that I use to spray with my tractor, so I get to save part of the $110/acre for chemical site prep. I will still have the chemical costs which were around $40/acre if I remember correctly. Plan on $86/acre for mechanical planting, not including seedlings. Loblolly elite seedling from Arborgen run about $80/1000. At 605 trees/acre this adds nearly $50/acre to the $86/acre for the dozers. I have a tract being windrowed right now and it looks good enough I think I can re-plant it using my tractor and tree planter.

I doubt converting the land to pasture would cost more than what I will have in the site prep and cleanup as the crew windrowing right now is doing an excellent job. But I know I don't have time to raise cows or hay production. Definitely not enough tie for row crops. So in my situation timber is the only alternative that "should" give me some return on investment.

I should have less than $300/acre in the site prep and planting of this stand of trees, assuming I am able to do the planting and spraying with my equipment. Hopefully I will get that back at the first thinning. Then I should have a 2nd thinning and a clear cut that should cover the cost of the land purchase and hopefully some profit.

Now for the real important part. Lord willing I will re-plant after I clear cut then give this tract to my kids with young seedlings already on it. They will reap the real financial benefits. And along the way I will have had the pleasure of hunting/land management.
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Aldeer Pics and Trailcams
32 minutes ago
That’s main frame 8 is a damn stud buck.
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Aldeer General Forum
32 minutes ago
Originally Posted by deerfeeder89
Originally Posted by Rmart30
Originally Posted by BradB
Thanks for all the info. I am still trying to figure out what I am gonna do. I had planned on upgrading to a newer tractor with a loader in a few years and am thinking maybe its time to bite the bullet. I have zero mechanical abilities, need a tractor I can depend on when I am up there and realistically would never put more than maybe a 100 hours a year on it, probably less.Beginning to think a new 5055 would look nice with the 6' JD rotary cutter I bought two weeks before my current tractor ceased to function.Based on the what I am seeing on line I can get what I want used for around $20,000 or just say to heck with it and drop a little over $30,000 new.With my luck if I bought used it would run a week and blow the heck up.

Under 20k and 4x4 with loader. https://bham.craigslist.org/grd/d/john-deerex4-loader/6724164678.html

Question is why the front tires were replaced that's original rears but fairly new fronts with only 910hrs. That also the advantage series tractors from john deere like the "e" series is now compared to the "m" series. I've got original tires on my 5320 4x4 which is going to be the same year range as that one and has 1090 hrs on it

My guess would be driving on pavement a lot. That will wear out front tires in a hurry.
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Aldeer General Forum
34 minutes ago
Originally Posted by bama1971

3 is the “Paul Bryant Jr is about to turn 70 amendment” if I had to guess

Jr was born 12/19/44, making him 73 currently.
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
38 minutes ago
Been driving my 99 wrangler always and every where for the last 18 yrs.
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Quality Deer Management
50 minutes ago
Originally Posted by treemydog
I planted my fields last weekend. Had decent soil moisture, so I suspect they either have began germinating, or will shortly. The rain chances this weekend will hit it just right for an additional dose of water.

Two years ago (the bad fall drought year) I planted in late Oct after a short shower that hit the spot a couple of days prior. The disk was turning dry powder, but I spread the seed anyway. It was very dry for the next few weeks, and it stayed in suspended animation for that time period until it finally rained. A week after the rain, the fields were green (I guess the turkeys couldn't scratch up and eat all the seed), and in Dec and Jan, I had very respectable growth and production.

Moral of the story: I don't think you can plant too late in the fall with a regular wheat/rye/oat combo. They are cool season plants, and thrive in the cooler weather. As long as you have moisture, you should get a good crop.

Opinions vary, but the above is mine.

I bought my property a few years ago at the end of December and hand seeded a couple fields with cereal rye. Two weeks later and it was coming up awesome. I think with the exception of a few weeks in Jan usually, it stays plenty warm enough in Alabama to plant winter varieties all winter.
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
53 minutes ago
Never been bitten but I have come close a time or two. As much as I've tromped through the woods and swamps, I've probably been close more times than I care to think about. I don't wear snake boots.
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Aldeer General Forum
55 minutes ago
Originally Posted by LG
You can’t put Democrats in charge of anything, they will run it into the ground!

☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝ while padding their pockets!
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
57 minutes ago
I probably wouldn't. We used to have a piebald spike, but he either dispersed off the property or was killed somewhere else. Now if he did survive, he would probably be around 5 or 6 by now and I would definitely shoot him, given the chance.
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AL Fishing Talk
1 hour ago
I buy mine from Airport Marine off I-65 Shelby County Airport Exit.
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Aldeer Bow Talk
1 hour ago
Setup on some white oaks for first set of the year.
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
This has happened to me many times on both ends. Once it lead to cocktails and some guys wife (or girlfriend?) hitting on me in front of him. I had to escape.
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
I'll never give the repubs the confidence they have my vote straight through. Less swamp needed.
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Football and Sports Talk
1 hour ago
He could be banging Hillary Clinton for all I care as long as he keeps doing what he's doing.
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1 hour ago
I third stickin fattys
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Guns N Gear
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by R_H_Clark
Cameraland NY has the R2 1.7-10X42 and the 2-12x50 illuminated versions about $600 off. I would love one of the lower powered models but doubt I can swing it right now.

RH. I recently purchased a Swarovski Z61.7x10 because the prices have dropped significantly in the past year. Took it to the range for the first time last weekend and I love that scope. Eyebox is much larger compared to the Z3 or Z5 models. If I could swing it right now I would buy several more of this model for some of my other guns. The magnification range is just about perfect for 98% of my hunting.

I think most get too hung up on the high end magnification when buying a scope. I've always thought the lowest magnification is a more important consideration for typical hunting.

P.S. Cameraland is good folks but I HATE their website. Europtic has a much friendlier web format.
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Quality Deer Management
1 hour ago
I’ve asked this before but can’t remember the answer so I’m asking again....is it better to bush hog first then spread the seed or vice versa? Also, how close to the ground does the field need cut and how much seed per acre need applied?
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
I have a crf 250 and my son has a crf 100. My son just turned 12 and I am about to sell his and upgrade. I have owned most all makes in 4stroke and 2stroke. I would start him out on a 4stroke.
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