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Serious Deer Talk
The Fallen Outdoors (TFO)
by bigcountry692001
07:32 AM
LFTT 12*16
by Megatrondiablo
07:19 AM
Tagged out: Cahaba buck #3
by Southwood7
09:04 PM
Bowhunters....what's the deal?
by canvasback
07:03 PM
Any guesses on age?
by Hayzeus
06:14 PM
Aldeer Classifieds
Be thankful for what you have
by Reloader79
FS - SKB Parallel Limb Bow Case
by bbrown2933
03:38 PM
FS - 4 Avian X Turkey Decoys
by bbrown2933
03:18 PM
Wanted: Deer Rifle
by buckboy
03:00 PM
Remington 870 w/ ShurShot Stock
by bill
12:11 PM
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Aldeer Classifieds
Jump to new posts Re: Be thankful for what you have by 300gr @ 19 seconds ago

I'm sorry about your loss ,the house and your dog. You are so correct we take things for granted. What kind of safe was it?
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Bordalama, Alabama by marshmud991 @ 30 seconds ago

It's near Bucktussel in Beechum Co. Alabama.
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Well folks maybe some relief in sight by CarbonClimber1 @ 1 minute 38 seconds ago

I dont think its conspiracy, i think they just want shed of pigs. I been readin about this stuff now for a little while and educating myself about sodium nitrite. Theyve been usin this stuff in austrailia for awhile now and 1080 and warfarin were the
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: I'm setup on a hot trail this pm by mcninja @ 3 minutes 45 seconds ago

Would that be considered a sanctuary?
Aldeer Classifieds
Jump to new posts Re: 300 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium Setup by mcninja @ 4 minutes 32 seconds ago

I don't have the time, space, or money to be a serious buyer but can appreciate a nice setup. That looks really good! GLWS.
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Young hunter killed in accident. by FurFlyin @ 4 minutes 58 seconds ago

Prayers sent.
Serious Deer Talk Forum
Jump to new posts Re: PIEBALD Deer by Boom @ 5 minutes 36 seconds ago

Would let it walk unless there are nice horns attached to the top. lol good luck everybody BOOM
Aldeer Classifieds
That's a fine weapon and an even better deal. Won't last long. Good luck for a quick sale.
Aldeer Buffet
Jump to new posts Re: Questions about a cast iron skillet by hallb @ 6 minutes 55 seconds ago

I'd personally rather be given a nice old one from an antique store. Something about the old wagners or Griswold just more character. My buddy buys old beat up cast iron and does a major refurb. He has a booth at one of those antique mall places and
Aldeer Classifieds
Jump to new posts Re: Benelli Super Black Eagle II with extras by SkipJack @ 9 minutes 53 seconds ago

Sorry I don't. But UPS will I can have my FFL ship it to yours.
Serious Deer Talk Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Hunting Rights Agreement by WildlifeBiologist @ 13 minutes 49 seconds ago

You and the other free hunters are in no position to make these kind of stipulations. If you want exclusive hunting rights, then make a generous offer to lease it outright. Writing a $500-1000 check could solve all the issues.
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: ADY'S ARMY - needs you! by CatHeadBiscuit @ 15 minutes 0 seconds ago

Serious Deer Talk Forum
Jump to new posts Re: LFTT 12*16 by AUdeerhunter @ 15 minutes 20 seconds ago

I'm back at the grown up sage field. I checked my camera here today and I've got a nice 8 point coming to these scrapes. I hope he checks them before dark today!!
Football and Sports Talk
Jump to new posts Re: Bama offers QB Paul Tyson a scholarship by centralala @ 15 minutes 25 seconds ago

College has gotten away from higher education and has become strictly business. Their goal is make as much money as possible. Some of the professors still care about teaching but they are not the ones calling the shots with their eye on $$$. Its a
AL Wingshooters
Jump to new posts LA Second Spit by Spec @ 21 minutes 43 seconds ago

Worst opening of second split I've seen for ducks. We didn't fire a shot at a duck. Might have seen 20. We did manage 6 specks. We should've had a few more.
Aldeer Bow Talk
Jump to new posts Re: Wasp? by having fun now @ 25 minutes 12 seconds ago

Jak hammers have always been good to me. Great blood trails. But usually dont need them. Most deer are down in sight. Have tried some other mechanicals but like the jak hammers the best.
Football and Sports Talk
Jump to new posts Re: Troy Game tomorrow by MarksOutdoors @ 33 minutes 20 seconds ago

Guns N Gear
Jump to new posts Re: Zeiss Terra by 300gr @ 38 minutes 30 seconds ago

It's not as clear or good at low light as the conquest. You get what you pay for.
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Buying Christmas by 2Dogs @ 44 minutes 23 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: 257wbymagI let my wife handle matters like that. I just write the checks. I give mine a couple of Franklin's, a pat on the rear and say go get em tiger.
ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
Jump to new posts Re: Turkey Membership only. by Atoler @ 46 minutes 49 seconds ago

Are deer members allowed to turkey hunt?
Aldeer General Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Hey 257 by Remington270 @ 50 minutes 43 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: BamaPlowboyAlso nowadays people that live in subdivisions think itís ok to buy their kids ATVs to tresspass all over the neighboring properties! Kids are usually about 8 years old too. No clue on road rules/laws. Usually no h
Land, Leases, and Hunting Clubs
Jump to new posts Re: Wilcox, Dallas county? by BhamFred @ 58 minutes 42 seconds ago

Sturdy Oaks is Childers, just south of the Cade Place on the corner. I've hunted the Cade Place and the land that borders Childers on the south that was owned by Roy Bonner at Dixon Creek. Both excellent places. I have hog hunted Childers place. I g
Aldeer Classifieds
still one brand new WASR available. PM me BOOM
Serious Deer Talk Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Tagged out: Cahaba buck #3 by Avengedsevenfold @ Today at 04:34 PM

Wow! That's all I got Great job man
Aldeer Classifieds
Jump to new posts Re: Wanted: Deer Rifle by quickshot @ Today at 04:30 PM

Pm sent
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