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Doe Days
by CNC. 04/19/18 10:42 AM
Game Check final numbers?
by 3FFarms. 04/17/18 02:18 PM
Feeder Recommendations
by cgardner. 04/16/18 05:07 PM
Big Boy
by ParrotHead89. 04/16/18 10:51 AM
Age this deer
by Alyssa26. 04/15/18 04:18 PM
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WTB small SUV or truck---4x4
by Bugman. 04/20/18 08:13 PM
9 Bandit 100s, Plano Box, $40
by AC870. 04/20/18 01:38 PM
Remington 870 youth 20 guage
by Tailwalk7. 04/20/18 10:06 AM
Hoyt Carbon Element Pro Series bow FS/FT
by trox28. 04/20/18 09:02 AM
2005 Harley Heritage
by Driveby. 04/20/18 06:02 AM
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Aldeer General Forum
1 minute ago
Originally Posted by Irishguy
Trust me when I tell you that football as we know it is not long for this world. Rule changes to make Football safer and less contact are coming and it is going to ruin the game. Cheerleaders are the least of football's worries.

There is a new league in the works. Steve spurrier is supposed to be a coach for a team in Orlando.
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Aldeer General Forum
2 minutes ago
Originally Posted by 257wbymag
I bet you fit in it just right too.

I got the deluxe edition with a built in Mich Ultra holder.
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Aldeer General Forum
2 minutes ago
Originally Posted by perchjerker
Not bad, worse. You already look bad being a stuck up Green tractor snob! rofl

Hey, I got a Yanmar too, so I can't be a snob. I and I turkey hunt with a Yildiz shotgun.

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Aldeer General Forum
2 minutes ago
I hope it comes together because that'll be huge for a second term run
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Aldeer General Forum
4 minutes ago
Originally Posted by dBmV
The Mueller investigation is going nowhere and the Dems know it. They have to do something to keep the Russia angle in the news until the next election to deflect off of themselves.

Yep, they are going to keep throwing chit against the wall till something sticks.
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Aldeer General Forum
5 minutes ago

Reading aldeer is getting as depressing as reading the news. Folks blocking gas pumps, telling me how many dogs I can have, one thing after another to upset me.

I already live in the woods; I guess I need to throw away my phone too.

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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
6 minutes ago
I bought one when they first hit the market and I've had zero issues with mine.
It will eat anything I put in it and spit it out with no problems
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Aldeer General Forum
14 minutes ago
Originally Posted by perchjerker
Boy if you read the articles on that link, there are a whole lot of screwed up people in North Alabama, I thought they all lived here! former Sheriff in Domestic violence. A man that shot his wife, that was his daughter too. Drive by that killed a 3 yr old, due to Facebook argument. A woman released from jail, breaks into a car in jail parking lot! Naw there aren't any cameras on that parking lot! Wow

Man that's peanuts compared to Slidell LA after watching live PD
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Aldeer General Forum
24 minutes ago
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
26 minutes ago
#4 and slump shouldn’t go in the same sentence. Come hunt with me, and I’ll show u what a slump is. I had to go to Texas to even kill a turkey.
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Aldeer General Forum
26 minutes ago
[Linked Image]
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Aldeer General Forum
32 minutes ago
check out "Alaska Outdoors Directory " forums. lots of good info. specifically Walt located in Kotzebue. also Golden Eagle Aviation in AK
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
33 minutes ago
Heard nothing and saw nothing.
Congrats to everyone that killed a bird this AM
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AL Fishing Talk
35 minutes ago
Never fished a shakey head and a finesse worm until yesterday. We have two smaller lakes we have permission to fish . Went there yesterday and tore the bass up on them. It will defiantly be a new go to .
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Aldeer General Forum
38 minutes ago

I'm sure that prolly 80% or more are claimed as self-defense even when they aren't. Police have to go through normal questioning protocols just as a formality. Just my personal opinion.
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Aldeer General Forum
45 minutes ago
Originally Posted by timbercruiser
We are giving our grand children some land and I plan to use quit claim deeds. I went into the courthouse in DeFuniak Springs, Fl this week, got a blank copy and filled it out, about 30 minutes total and cost less than $20. I went to the Court house in Troy yesterday with a similar plan and you would have thought they had never heard of one. It seems the lawyers in Alabama are trying to do away with the easy way to change land ownership. You can't get a blank copy from the court house. I went to 3 lawyer offices and all I got was double talk when I ask for a blank, they all said they print one off of a web site, but they wouldn't tell which one and were not helpful as well. I'm pretty sure I finally have a blank on the way, but it will take another trip to the courthouse and be a hassle. Buncha crap.

Would you let someone come in your business, ask you how to do everything and give them the tools to do it? A lawyer is paid for his legal services and advise. Look on the creaking internet if you want something free. Quick claim deeds are easy. Why do you need a different one that you used in Florida?
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Aldeer General Forum
45 minutes ago

Originally Posted by AU7MM08
Saw this gem several years ago.

[Linked Image]

I don't fall into either camp but this seems to be more common of the two.
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AL Fishing Talk
48 minutes ago
More like just bragging rights. And a chance to place a face with a name. Maybe I should have called it a GTG to fish and BS. I would toss a big slimy into FF's new boat, since he seems sensitive about it. grin
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Aldeer General Forum
54 minutes ago
The kid was 19 and didn't attend the school. He didn't see the kid he shot. he stated he shot thru a door hitting the other student. He was captured by a School officer. Good to see security is tight! DUH. he ruined the who,e march against guns march.

Marches are being directed by liberal teachers too.

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Guns N Gear
57 minutes ago
Originally Posted by R_H_Clark
Originally Posted by AU7MM08
Originally Posted by R_H_Clark
Originally Posted by plt228
I’d only look at tactical scopes with good turrets. If you want to shoot long you’ll have to dial and if you can’t trust the turret you might as well not buy it. RH’s list covers most of what you want to look at. Might give Athlon a look too. Their higher end models seem to have good reviews. And if the Bushnell closeout he is talking about is the one GAP is doing that is probably going to be the perfect scope for you since the wind age is capped and George designed it for hunting.

Anthlon Japanese made stuff is getting good reviews but I think we are talking $1500-$1600. Yes, I was talking about the LRHS at GAP. I don't think there's one cheaper and better for the OP anywhere right now.

I'll be calling GAP Monday to talk with them, they weren't open yesterday.

Right now it is between a Bushnell, PST III and a GPO.

Try to do some research and even ask some questions from guys who actually dial scopes a lot. I suggest Snipershide. To me there's a difference between a scope that can dial and one that is designed to dial. I have both,and they can both be effective in the field but for a serious long range rig where I wanted to practice shooting every week all year long dialing from my zero to max range and all distances between I would want a scope designed as such. With those scopes you necessarily pay a weight penalty,simply because their internals are designed heavier and more robust.

Another thing you want to make sure about is the reticle. Some of the FFP target dialing scopes don't have the best reticle for hunting when on low power. That LRHS has a reticle designed for hunting. Also make sure whatever scope you choose has enough adjustment range to reach your desired max with your load.

How does the SWFA 3-15 fit into the mix?
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AL Fishing Talk
1 hour ago
What we typically caught on Chippers Clipper.
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1 hour ago
Finally broke the ice. I will get him posted up shortly
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
1 hour ago
My buddy in Texas has an 870 that he can not shoot with just the bead. For whatever reason, he or the gun shoots about 2 feet high. He’s got a beretta that he shoots just fine with a bead, but the stock configuration or something on that gun makes him miss waaaayyyy high. May want to look at getting some different sights if you are shooting with just a bead.
Better luck next time. At least your getting to fool with some.
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
Damn, leave Donald out of this! Clearly James! Or maybe 257!
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
I don’t want their stuff. They are welcomed to have it. But if they are going to take part of it, they need to take all of it. But I don’t want to bring in my stuff while, every Tom, Dick, and Harry are still coming in and out.
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