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CWD Response Plan
by Mbrock. 12/15/18 09:56 PM
Lacrosse Aerohead
by ridgestalker. 12/15/18 09:40 PM
N on food plots
by tombo51. 12/15/18 06:44 PM
LFTT 12/15
by AUdeerhunter. 12/15/18 06:30 AM
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2003 Honda Rancher
by MPbow_man. 12/15/18 10:02 PM
500 nitro express ammo
by Dan4good. 12/15/18 07:41 PM
13" Apple Macbook Pro
by Phil_Army. 12/15/18 06:46 PM
ISO open sight rifle “brush gun”
by Dan4good. 12/15/18 06:27 PM
Browning Gold 12ga FS
by gman. 12/15/18 05:34 PM
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Aldeer General Forum
1 minute ago
[Linked Image]
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Aldeer General Forum
8 minutes ago

Dang man, I hate that! Did you get a dog to come out?
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Aldeer General Forum
15 minutes ago
He sure does and he's a good guy. Nice pup
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Football and Sports Talk
16 minutes ago
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
17 minutes ago
It depends on how much tread you want. They are not heavy lugged and I have not had any slipping incidents.
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Aldeer Classifieds
18 minutes ago
Pm to ya
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
20 minutes ago
Thats the definitiin of a hoss right there
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Aldeer Classifieds
20 minutes ago
What are the specs on it? Storage, memory, hard drive, SSD, etc?

God Bless,
David B.
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Aldeer General Forum
26 minutes ago
charles anthony's, also.

much of east montgomery is very nice ...
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Aldeer General Forum
30 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Dangerlangus
So, Scentlok tracked me down and canceled my order. They were not happy I put the code on this site. It was a sponsor code or what not, I just thought it was a jive coupon code. Their marketing vp emailed me trying to figure out who gave me the code.

So how in the world did they do that?

You ordered stuff on the 8th, and other people here ordered after you and got their stuff.

They making you send it back?

God Bless,
David B.
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Aldeer General Forum
30 minutes ago
Thanks, Ben....
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Aldeer General Forum
40 minutes ago
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
41 minutes ago
Does detection not rest solely on the hunter reporting it to you guys? Unless one of you guys catch it in advance or see it first hand? Considering the GC numbers and compliance, I wonder how many hunters would actually report it based on misinformation or lack there of not reading up on what's going on around us with something like this you posted? I know I would report it if something looked bad with the deer. I just wonder about others being so many could care less about our game laws.
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Aldeer General Forum
42 minutes ago
We almost went to rosies n went to bonefish instead I wish I'd went to Rosie bonefish was good on service but what I ate wasn't too good and dag um tables r too close together...other than the bang shrimp appetizer I liked it..
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Aldeer General Forum
47 minutes ago
Originally Posted by crenshawco
I couldn't tell you the last time I saw a bottle of Blantons. I always check but it's been out of stock for a while now

X2 I've been on the lookout for a bottle over the last month at alot of different stores and haven't had any luck.
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Aldeer General Forum
49 minutes ago
Gunsmoke boys , Gunsmoke . Best show ever filmed. Weekday afternoons on TV Land, Nights and Sundays on INSP.
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Aldeer General Forum
54 minutes ago
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Aldeer Bow Talk
58 minutes ago
35 yards and in, I range and put it away.
Over 35 yards, it hangs around my neck.
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
AKA my preferred home place in Alabama. Nothing compared to places I’ve been in eastern Montana and West Texas.
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
1 hour ago
I do 100 lbs per acre 33-0-0, $11 a bag. Yes it is well worth the time and money. I put it out right before rain. Takes a couple of weeks to kick in, it'll green up and grow and deer will come from all around
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by timbercruiser
OK, it is probably just a matter of time before Bama has CWD positive test, what then. In the more recent positive test states what was/is the protocol? Do they continue to test hunter donated heads or do they go for wholesale slaughter of the herd?

They tried the slaughter thing in Wisconsin. Didn’t work.
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Jakethesnake

On wma, you make a fund me bowl for hunters to pay for actual food plots. All i ever see is rye grass and they only plant 1/3 of the field. Its pitifull. You get caught throwin garbage down on camera, you lose your hunting privilege for 2 years and community service for a week on a wma.

Rye grass was NEVER planted on a food plot at any WMA I managed. It was always wheat, oats, rye grain, and several clovers. The amount of time we put into managing the plots was more than on most private land. We would often leave areas of the field unplanted and standing in native vegetation, which is not laziness. It’s good sound management. We planted sorghum, peas and sunflowers in the spring, and they always did great given minimum rain requirements. I’m interested in hearing which WMA you’re referring to with such horrible plots?
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by bigt
It is hard for most people to comprehend this so hopefully they will read it slowly over and over again LESS DEER DOES NOT EQUAL BIGGER BUCKS JUST LESS DAMN DEER.

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Serious Deer Talk Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Shotts
How many here would push for a resurgence of dog hunting? I know it was closed in Marion and franklin county years ago, but seems like with the alpha system stiff fines for failure to comply that it could be better regulated now.

I’m not big on outlawing types of hunting, and ways to hunt, but I’m glad dog hunting is fading away. If there’s some fancy way to corral your dogs, then the dog hunters I’ve dealt with haven’t heard of it, or don’t care.
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
I don't fish nor give a crap about a fish but why is a tournament on th books this time of year? That big river is a mean bitch all winter
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