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Serious Deer Talk
Standing corn questions
by Bamabucks14. 04/23/19 01:22 PM
Any Solutions?
by CedarCreek. 04/15/19 07:54 AM
Baiting vs Food Plots
by NSDQ160. 04/12/19 11:49 AM
Cultipacker for sale
by HHSyelper. 04/12/19 09:21 AM
Deer do grow big...
by outdoors1. 04/11/19 11:10 AM
Aldeer Classifieds
Stoeger 3020 20 gauge
by Tailwalk7. 04/23/19 09:41 PM
Springfield Armory XD .40 cal Tac & .40 Sub
by jpfishmaster. 04/23/19 05:38 PM
Savage Axis Camo 308 with Vortex FS
by Pocosin. 04/23/19 04:59 PM
Lot of 300WM Ammo
by wew3006. 04/23/19 12:59 PM
Investment property in Hanceville
by Megacott. 04/23/19 12:10 PM
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Aldeer General Forum
34 seconds ago
Originally Posted by ford150man
I couldn’t even finish reading it. Wished I hadn’t of opened it. There is no earthly punishment harsh enough for him.

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Aldeer General Forum
37 seconds ago
Originally Posted by jbatey1
Thorogood wedge soles. Next.

These for me.
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
1 minute ago
Originally Posted by Southwood7
Originally Posted by poorcountrypreacher

I first started reading aldeer in 2003, and one of the few constants from this board is that every year there have been posters who declared that particular year to be the worst ever, and every year some have said it was the best ever. How turkey season is perceived is very much site specific. I have no idea why turkeys gobble better in particular areas one year than the next, but I know that they do. The unpredictable nature of turkey hunting is one of the reasons I enjoy it so much.

I remember that I killed a limit in 2003 and posted about it on here. We didn't have nearly as many members on this board back then, and there weren't many limits posted. I don't remember his handle, but I remember that one guy posted that the Good Ole Days of turkey hunting in AL were long gone, and that it would be very rare to hear of a limit from now on. He said that someone like me might occasionally get lucky and kill a limit, but it would hardly ever happen again. I guess I remember that because I wondered how he knew that my limit was just luck, especially since he didn't know me and knew nothing about me. Anyway, his prediction turned out to be really bad and AL has had some great overall turkey seasons since then.

But there is always an element of luck involved in killing a turkey, and every time I kill one I wonder if he will be my last. If your season was bad this year, take hope that the next one will be the best ever. But also realize it might be the worst - some season has to be your worst one, and it might be ahead of you. I try to always assume the worst when it comes to turkey hunting, and then I can feel extra blessed if it's successful.

And who was the guy who said a couple of weeks back that he was gonna limit out the coming weekend? Did he do it? I never read an update, but I thought that was a good way to get a jinx on you. smile

I seriously doubt that I will ever kill another one.

Preacher, you can kill turkeys with the best of them but your wisdom puts you at the top of the list. I’d love to buy you lunch one day, talk turkey and just generally pick your brain.

I almost called him today to see about removing a turkey jinx but I figured I may have waited to late in the season for it to be worth it...
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Aldeer General Forum
3 minutes ago
Keanu Reeves was good in the replacements
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
3 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Johnal3
Originally Posted by bayouturkey
What I can't figure out are grown men jacking their rods over these youtube channels. I guess I hunt for purely personal reasons, and don't care to broadcast it all over social media.

It’s just personal preference bud. I enjoy the shows because I might get to hunt once a week and live “vicariously” through people that get to do it more than me and capture it on film.
Honestly, it sounds like you’re jacking your rod saying you know it all and can’t learn anything else, could do it better, and don’t want to share any of your “super duper” boar Tom killin secrets. But that’s just my opinion.

You could not be further off base. I’m far from knowing it all. And don’t have any “super duper” secrets.
I’m simply a guy who loves to turkey hunt and can’t stand the effects of social media on hunting.
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Aldeer General Forum
3 minutes ago
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Aldeer General Forum
4 minutes ago
Try angry orchard or reds apple ales they are great
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Aldeer Classifieds
7 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Bowhunter84
Originally Posted by 2Dogs
Originally Posted by LUMPY
Originally Posted by JUGHEADjr
Never posted on here before but I’m JUGHEADs son.

You should've gone with T-killa and never admitted to knowing JUGHEAD much less being related to him. You have zero chance of getting the respect you should get now. grin

That is quite a burden .

Jughead is really a smart guy. I don’t know if y’all know why he drives a minivan but if you knew the reason behind it you would understand. Hell I’ve been looking for a 4x4 minivan ever since I met him....

If jugheadjr was smart he’d be taking notes!
rofl Oh how I miss ol Mafietta some days! She is gone, but not forgotten!!!
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Football and Sports Talk
7 minutes ago
Did it make him taller? Asking for a friend.
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Aldeer General Forum
8 minutes ago
I love hot peppers. That said, I still love to be able to taste my food, so there has to be a balance between the burn and the flavor. I keep some Carolina Reaper sauce, some habanero and a few other varieties with Jalapeno, Serrano, Ghost and whatever else. The idea is to use the really hot stuff sparingly to enhance flavor, not to overrule the flavor of the Fajita's, Chili, Jerky or even the Spagetti. I can and have poured Reaper sauce in my mouth just like anybody else can. That doesn't make it pleasant or fun to do. A few drops of Endorphin Rush, Dave's Insanity or 357 Magnum will work in a bowl of Chili. A teaspoon full will surely ruin it for anybody.
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Aldeer Classifieds
12 minutes ago
Going to be tomorrow before i can update the list of what's left and add some more. I know i have several boxes of 7.62 NATO as well as 7.62x39. Also some 40sw and probably 45 acp. Some of the 7.62NATO (308) are tracers or blanks and some are loaded on old steel mags. Probably have some old military 30-06 as well.
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Football and Sports Talk
13 minutes ago
Bama, Kentucky,South Caolina,Miss State tied for 6th place. Auburn is tied with Georgia and Texas A&M.
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Aldeer Classifieds
14 minutes ago
Stoeger 3020 20 guage
Black synthetic
26” barrel
Purchased a couple weeks before turkey season. Has had less than 10 shots thru it. Patterns federal tss #7 real good with the factory turkey choke.
Comes with everything original.
No issues
Located in Chelsea
Message number and I can text pictures
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Aldeer General Forum
17 minutes ago
Originally Posted by just_an_illusion
John Deere tractor with the loader hooked into the rear remotes controlled by the joy stick? Mine does this too. The plastic actuator that moves the levers down in the joy stick is wore out. It'll break eventually and you'll have to replace it.

Kubota m7040 connected to rear spare remote. Tractor has very low hours and has never had anything connected to the spare remote until the grapple.
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Aldeer General Forum
19 minutes ago
bug b gon works real good but it’s hard to find this year.Its a broad cast granular product.
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Aldeer General Forum
19 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Turkey
Originally Posted by fedex
Surely not I assume that fishing will be done in the dark

Not to derail, but does anyone know where I can buy an old hand-crank telephone? I collect antiques, you know.

I may have made a fish shocker or two in the past
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Al - HandLoader Forum
21 minutes ago
If i make it to May i'll have 38 of my 50 years as a reloader.I'll suggest Varget for the .308 H4831 for the .300 and 165 grain projectiles for simplicity. Loading teaches me something most range trips you'll never stop learning and that's a good thing.I'm sure others will chime in and yes this is a no BS forum.
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24 minutes ago
What do yall use to post pics?
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
27 minutes ago

I bet when you call the number on the tag Whild_Bill answers.
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AL Fishing Talk
29 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Ben2
Originally Posted by Be_Cam
Always like seeing folks catching fish, especially when kids are involved. But you don’t have to have livescope to catch crappie. They can be caught year around just by using a flasher and knowing some background on them. I shoot docks 10 months out of the year. Just what I like to do. Thumbs up on them fish. Best eating their is! Good job on em

No sir. Livescope is necessary for me. I have tried crappie fishing a couple times a yr for the last 3 years. I caught 1, one, uno crappie total over the last 3 springs. I got the livescope about 3 weeks ago and have caught over 50 crappie. I know nothing about and have no history with crappie, so for me this livescope has been a total game changer. It also allows me to look where I plan to fish of it shows fish I can catch them if it shows no fish I dont waste my time fishing it.

I can see that. I’m just glad y’all got on some. Can’t buy them memories.
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Aldeer General Forum
33 minutes ago
You have a blinky thing message
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Aldeer General Forum
34 minutes ago

Usually August here.
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Aldeer Classifieds
35 minutes ago
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
39 minutes ago
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Aldeer General Forum
42 minutes ago
Good deal
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