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Serious Deer Talk
Well the freak is almost done.
by Turkey_neck. 03/29/20 08:19 PM
Hypothetical question to pass the time
by MC21. 03/28/20 10:52 PM
Yanahli WMA
by joshm28. 03/25/20 05:21 PM
Deer sheds
by crocker. 03/17/20 11:36 AM
Deer Meat For Sale
by LetOff. 03/16/20 10:27 AM
Aldeer Classifieds
ISO Outboard Motor
by JoshNich. 03/30/20 10:18 AM
Free trampoline
by jb20. 03/29/20 11:36 PM
Mission SUB 1 XR
by firemanrob12. 03/29/20 08:23 PM
Closet Cleaning....Camo
by ALMODUX. 03/29/20 02:04 PM
WTS- Coming soon-Winchester SX3 12ga
by yelper2. 03/29/20 10:24 AM
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Aldeer General Forum
30 seconds ago

What matters most to me is where I live in Alabama, I don't live all over the USA.

Our numbers are rising every day and I'm weary about going to any store.

I don't need the flu or any virus with my health issues.
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Aldeer General Forum
1 minute ago
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Guns N Gear
1 minute ago
Look @ American Tactical Imports (ATI). I bought one last year for around 330.00 and it has not missed a beat. Fit & finish are fine also.
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AL Fishing Talk
2 minutes ago
Originally Posted by FurFlyin
Originally Posted by kaintuck
What kind of a price tag did y’all find while looking?

If you have to ask, you can't afford it...... That's why I didn't ask.
LOL... slap
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Aldeer General Forum
3 minutes ago
Jeff from Simmons called me this morning and let me know they had received a shipment of powder. I've been on a waiting list for months for a few powders and they got an 8 lb jug of one of them. I'll pick it up later this week.

Good folks down at Simmons.
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Aldeer General Forum
3 minutes ago
hot dog eating contest here we come
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Aldeer General Forum
4 minutes ago
[Linked Image]
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
9 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Mbrock
Then walk south.

trust me I tried but catching up to him wasnt an option, it was pretty open once he got a good ways off I tried to circle on him but he was long gone by then
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
10 minutes ago
Side by sides, etc. Should be banned on all WMAs in the state for any reason. That is all.
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Aldeer General Forum
16 minutes ago
Originally Posted by GomerPyle

So now, the Tuscaloosa Gestapo Police are setting up road blocks around town (although they insist they are not "roadblocks" but "Informational Checkpoints") to "warn citizens about the 24hr curfew". If we're to be practicing "social distancing", it seems like officers leaning in the window of every car that comes through their road block informational checkpoint would be counterintuitive.

[Linked Image]

Whoever came up with the idea of Informational Checkpoints probably thought about re-education camps too.
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
22 minutes ago
...I’ll be your huckleberry! Lol congrats brotha!!
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
28 minutes ago
Originally Posted by AU_trout_bum
Originally Posted by BamaGuitarDude

that's my theory, yes ... my HOPE is that my theory is right & i begin to see gobblers with all the hens i've been seeing by themselves ... time will tell, but the timing is right based on past seasons

Cool. I have been searching for a way to understand/explain these observations as they didn't fit the narrative that the hens were nesting (because no gobblers seemed lonely) and the gobblers didn't seem henned up (because I Saw hens alone mostly).

this theory ALSO answers the question posed earlier in this thread, "are they done yet?" answer:

the hens outta start gettin' loose w/the hoochie very soon ...
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Aldeer General Forum
37 minutes ago
Had it for the last ten years. Sometimes the ringing is unbearable. Nicotine, alcohol and caffeine are supposed to make it worse but for me, I haven’t noticed any discernible difference. Loud background noise is the only temporary relief.
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
42 minutes ago
The Drummond's land on the Alabama River

Don't know if its still owned by Drummond but when I was a kid there was a stretch of river my Grandfather and I used to crappie fish that had a fence put up with a black tarp. It looked like one of those high fence operations but the fence wasnt all that tall. I heard it was the Drummond's personal hunting property and they put the fence and black tarp up so that no one could come in by boat and poach. The idea behind the tarp was so that people couldn't see through the fence and shoot from the boat. The fence was right on the river bank for a good long ways.

This was almost 20 years ago though.
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Aldeer General Forum
42 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Atoler
Yep, sorry to those affected, but we are at a crossroads. Here is what we know. A prolonged shut down of our economy will devastate our futures. It will be somewhere between Great Recession and complete collapse of our federal government. That’s what we know. Apparently, the general population is willing to live with that, to slow down a virus that will kill a very small percentage of Americans. That’s completely asinine.

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Aldeer Classifieds
48 minutes ago
The link is broken. Any newer pics?
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Aldeer General Forum
49 minutes ago
Originally Posted by willdo22
My 2016 has been fine so far

Same here
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AL Fishing Talk
49 minutes ago
Originally Posted by gundoc
I put in at Rocky Branch on Holt this morning, and when I got of to 17, that ramp was full of trucks too. I was told they were closed as well, but not today

I'm in Lake View as well. Rocky Branch was open for business two sundays ago right at the onset of the outbreak. That's another reason I was so surprised when I got down to Greene county and all launches were closed.
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
49 minutes ago
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by mcninja
Originally Posted by DEADorALIVE
Midland water snake. For a bunch of outdoorsmen, you guys seriously need to learn a little snake identification...that looks nothing like a moccasin or any other dangerous snake!

Granted, there are a ton of NON-VENOMOUS snakes (no 'poisonous' snakes in Alabama!!!), so it's easier to just learn what the venomous ones look like.

This, all this.

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AL Fishing Talk
1 hour ago
allly power been done closed their ramps. po'ed
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Aldeer Classifieds
1 hour ago
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Guns N Gear
1 hour ago
I have a Browning BL-22 and I like that you can fire 22 longs, 22 and 22 shorts in it. It is a good size too. It is built well and I have never had a lick of trouble with mine.
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by 10 POINT
Burt Reynolds did play the part of Quint Asper, blacksmith and comanche.

Yep, Festus called him Comanche. My favs are the era when Quint and Festus both are on there.
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
Hate to hear this... Barry is a great guy! I got the oppurtunity to go on a hunt with him a few years back. Prayers for a speedy recovery!
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