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A couple of turkey guns
by 3blades. 12/06/22 08:27 AM
Scope Covers
by wew3006. 12/06/22 08:27 AM
Browning bar 308 mk3 hells canyon.
by Beadlescomb. 12/06/22 08:01 AM
Bushnell scope trophy x30 6x24x50
by Sqzpla. 12/05/22 07:26 PM
12x24 Cabin
by Snuffy. 12/05/22 07:23 PM
Serious Deer Talk
Deer Neck Meat - Recipes
by Antelope08. 12/06/22 08:54 AM
Dry does: too many does spinoff
by Goatkiller. 12/06/22 08:53 AM
Too many does, not enough bucks
by jwalker77. 12/06/22 08:49 AM
First Kill! Thank you Aldeer
by Nightwatchman. 12/06/22 08:42 AM
Ground Hunting in the rain.
by jb20. 12/06/22 08:06 AM
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Land, Leases, Hunting Clubs
Illinois or Kentucky land wanted
by Teacher One. 12/04/22 08:05 PM
Looking around Baldwin County
by rcmay77. 12/04/22 12:49 PM
Website to purchase land
by gastoka. 12/01/22 03:33 PM
Birmingham area fishing clubs
by JMNeal. 12/01/22 10:15 AM
by Shaneomac2. 11/28/22 01:13 PM
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Aldeer Classifieds
39 seconds ago
Snuffy... check your PM's please sir.
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
5 minutes ago
Originally Posted by fladeerhntr
A buddy of mine puts it in a crock pot with a gravy packet or 2 and let's it cook all day while him and his wife are at work. When he gets home he just takes the meat off the bone and kinda stirs it around a little and then cooks him a pot of rice to go with it. He brought some to work once for me to try and it is some fine eating.

Thanks.....I would eat that any time....
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
5 minutes ago
If you have a young age structure someone is shooting the deer.

Because if nobody shoots a deer..... you will have 5 year old deer.

100% of the time.

You have coyotes eating a lot of fawns.... yet you are still seeing plenty of deer but we think the weights are down.

None of that adds up.

You cannot manage your deer herd with your rifle. That is a fools errand for 9 out of 10 maybe 10 out of 10 hunters. You aren't hunting in the Big Pen.
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
9 minutes ago
Originally Posted by chevydude2015
An important aspect to think about when you "have too many does" is whether you're lacking bucks in the population (dying from disease or hunter's) or if your carrying capacity is maxed out? Their is an important difference between the 2 and if it is the prior then killing more does will have little effect.

Ive asked around and nobody close by is getting many buck pics but are getting more doe pics than usual. I have some bucks that were still alive after season last year that are gone now. Thats the part that worries me. Im afraid they are dead
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
17 minutes ago
Congrats Tex. Nothing like the very first one
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Aldeer Classifieds
31 minutes ago
Browning gold hunter 12 gauge 3 1/2 chamber, Has been sprayed camo, gun is black synthetic under the paint, operates flawlessly and will come with Jebbs .655 choke- $450

Remington 870 20 gauge, Installed green Hogue grips before last spring, Will also come with wood laminate youth model wood stocks, Barrel and receiver has Mossy Oak vinyl wrap, Will come with turkey choke. $475
Text for pictures and I can get them this evening after work- 2054786681
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Aldeer Classifieds
32 minutes ago
Pair of scope covers:
Hot Shot over, 12.5" long
New Uncle Mike Scope Glove, Large, 16-20"
$25 TYD for both
[Linked Image]
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
52 minutes ago
I've killed several in the rain I usually don't do if it's pouring but I had a young 8 feeding yesterday on cam when it came a monsoon.
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Aldeer Classifieds
54 minutes ago
I appreciate it, but I’m looking for Abolt 2 not Xbolt.
Thanks though
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Aldeer Classifieds
58 minutes ago
I bought this rifle with the intention to hunt with it but it's only made it to the woods once and that was with my dad carrying it. I'm looking for $1300 for just the rifle I'd prefer to keep the scope but it can be included if you want.

Possible trade Interest would be christensen rifles or a cz 527 but I'll listen to any offers

For pictures text 2058726435
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
1 hour ago
This is Alabama. This cold weather rut you speak of doesn’t exist. We truly have 2 seasons. Pre summer and summer. You better go hunting when the ruts on.
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
1 hour ago
1. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to GoHunt.com/insider. GoHunt Insider will allow you to choose the area best suited for your interests and preference points you have acquired. GoHunt will help you narrow down your unit search fairly quickly.

2. As others have said, train, train, train, and add some more weight to the pack and train some more. Spend the money and purchase a good pack. Your pack comfort can make or break your hunt. You'll be able to hunt harder and longer with a good comfortable pack.

3. Find wilderness. The wilderness areas are defined by limited or no road access. Thats where I have found the elk.

4. Develop a list based on every possible weather scenario you can imagine. The weather in the mountains is entirely unpredictable.

5. Once you've found your area you would like to hunt, do as much E-scouting as possible. Look for benches in topo, north facing slopes, green edges in meadows, and saddles in the terrain.

Give yourself time to learn prior to your hunt, My buddy and I spent 2 years developing the best plan we could think of. Put in the time, do your homework, and you will have a blast regardless of success.

[Linked Image]
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
1 hour ago
Thank you all for the info! I learned a lot from this thread! I may take some of you up on the offers to take a look at a later date. Our thinning got delayed by all the recent rain. I’ll check back in when we get it done
17 1,212 Read More
Serious Deer Talk Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by 2Dogs
Originally Posted by slayinbucks24/7
For the pitch,I'll slide the band (on the reed) to the portion of the reed that most closely resembles what I would classify as a younger buck grunt,ie,higher pitch-if you slide the band farther than necessary ,it will actually sound more like a doe bleat. For the cadence,I'll usually do a tending grunt-short quick grunts,making sure to change the direction I'm facing each time. Deeper buck grunts sound cool and like a big nasty swamp donkey,but I don't always think a buck wants to face the biggest,baddest buck on the planet. Maybe they like going into fights they think they can win?

I set mine on the deeper tones , I want to challenge the big, mature studs.

In my short tenure hunting (30 years) I have heard less than 10 deep bellowing grunts in the woods. Heard about 10 times as many young bucks grunting in the higher pitch. I'm just saying what has worked for me,and worked very well on our place.
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Aldeer Classifieds
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by TDog93
Is this sold ?

Where r u at?

Still have it. Piedmont Al.
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Aldeer Classifieds
1 hour ago
Still available!
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
1 hour ago
No neck shots for me unless it is a doe and I have a very stable rest.
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Aldeer Classifieds
1 hour ago
Trade for a Nikon Prostaff 3x9x40? Need any arrows? I got lots of stuff to trade for it, just nothing you mentioned. LOL
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Aldeer Classifieds
2 hours ago
All still available
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
3 hours ago
Check wherever you got seed and fertilizer for your fields, I got a couple I need to do as well
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
10 hours ago
Originally Posted by deerhunt1988
Originally Posted by redgineer
Privet makes the perfect licking branch. It's scrapes galore on my property. You should plant as much of it as you can afford.

Can't tell if serious or not. Lol

I am not serious. I have been thinking about posting again to make sure nobody plants privet on their land lol. I get mad when I see it at nurseries.

It does make the perfect licking branch. Overhangs the trails at the perfect height, every scrape on my property is under some privet. It also provides year round food and bedding for deer. None of this is anywhere near worth the hell of having privet though.
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Aldeer Classifieds
11 hours ago
Returned your PM. It’s yours. Will send 3% when picked up.
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
11 hours ago
That's Great. Well Done!
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
11 hours ago
A cool buck that was in the taxidermist shop in Kansas. Scored 190+ as a non typical.
[Linked Image]
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Aldeer Classifieds
12 hours ago
Originally Posted by redgineer
I replied to grundan's PM before seeing your post JWalker. I'll give him a chance to buy, and bring it to you if he's not interested. I'll text you if it becomes available.

Thatll be fine. Wasnt trying to jump in front of anybody.
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