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Serious Deer Talk
World Deer Expo
by dsayer. 06/22/19 09:39 AM
Fair chase hunts
by sbo1971. 06/21/19 07:55 PM
Iowa Draw results posted
by Acorn. 06/21/19 04:54 PM
Phase 3
by MgtAdvantage. 06/19/19 08:43 PM
24d mix rate
by BradB. 06/14/19 07:50 AM
Aldeer Classifieds
Bowtech ready to hunt
by Sherbz81. 06/26/19 03:20 PM
Kayak’s what you got?
by FurFlyin. 06/26/19 11:45 AM
Wanting to buy Lawn Mower
by Nightwatchman. 06/26/19 12:23 AM
WTT Glock 19 for 43
by Duckshooter. 06/25/19 11:10 PM
WTT/WTS.....Weldbilt Flatbottom
by Gunnutz79. 06/25/19 08:23 PM
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Football and Sports Talk
3 minutes ago
Originally Posted by turkey247
Originally Posted by Bud Meadows
That one whistler “Preacher” has a serious Trailer Trash Mullet going on. I bet he has a Vandy flag flying outside his double wide .

Michigan grads/fans in trailers > Vandy grads/fans in trailers. I can assure you of that.

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AL Fishing Talk
8 minutes ago
[Linked Image]
Posting for birdcarver
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Guns N Gear
9 minutes ago
What’s the powder primers ?
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Guns N Gear
10 minutes ago

Also - In the price range of the Remington rifle mentioned here, you are easily into a Tikka or Kimber that has more features and generally better accuracy out of the box.
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Aldeer General Forum
11 minutes ago
Originally Posted by capehorn24
I guess I'll be the prick, you own a lot in Mexico beach and from the readings of this post I'm getting the felling you have not laid eyes on said property since the hurricane. If so why? I thinking I would know what trees/size because I own the lot.

Anyhow good luck finding someone or be careful.

You can be a prick if you want...

But to answer your question:

1. We bought the property about 5 years ago when the prices were still depressed as an investment. With the intention to eventually build a small beach cottage on it. So far that has worked out well, seeing as we were going to wait until we finished the cabin and then save up money for the beach house and pay cash for it as well. It's a good thing we waited. It's worked out good, because the property has just about tripled in price in 5 years.

2. We have seen the property plenty of times. We stop by there every time we are in Mexico Beach on vacation. However we are usually too focused on hanging out at the beach, eating good seafood, drinking beer and tequila and having "condo sex" to sit on Arizona Drive counting pine trees and measuring each one. grin

3. The reason we haven't looked at the property since the hurricane is that: A. We have been busy working on the cabin. B. There's hardly any place to stay down there. C. We wanted to stay the hell out of everyone's way trying to put their lives back together.

In other words, we knew the lot was going to be there when we decided to build, so the size or the amount of the trees have never been an issue until post Michael.

We always knew in the back of our minds that we were going to have to clear the lot and build it up in order to build. Before the hurricane we always knew that one day we would address that through a contractor. All the contractors we talked to prior to the hurricane about building the beach house told us that the lot clearing and hauling in fill to build up the elevation at was included in the package price, so we never worried about it until we got the letter from the City.
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Aldeer General Forum
13 minutes ago
Originally Posted by James
Originally Posted by Ant67
Prayers for Tim’s loved ones. My wife and I have kicked around getting a place on Lake Donnelly for several years. No more.

Where's that? Or did you me Dannelly

Auto correct yes
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Aldeer Classifieds
13 minutes ago
Beautiful work on all of them as usual!
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Aldeer General Forum
15 minutes ago
Stay Classy Aldeer....
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Aldeer General Forum
19 minutes ago
I just heard of this and saw the other posts about it. It is shocking.I couldnt imagine how tough it must be. Keeping you in my prayers . My heart goes out to you and your family.
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Aldeer General Forum
20 minutes ago
Raised a garage door one time and one fell down in my shirt collar and tore me up. I wasnt sure what had ahold of me?
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Aldeer General Forum
20 minutes ago
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Aldeer General Forum
21 minutes ago
I feel your pain, in the last 6 weeks we have buried 4 family members, including my Dad. My prayers are with you and your family!
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Guns N Gear
22 minutes ago
I would bet it’s in the zero stop adjustment
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
27 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Fuzzy_Bunny
They are great people, and their prices are hard to beat.

They sure seemed like it. I don't get to Troy too often but I will be stopping in there when I am in the future.
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Aldeer Buffet
32 minutes ago
Looks good. I’ll try these soon and top with blue cheese cilantro coleslaw. It just looks like it’s asking for it. I have low carb wraps of course....
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Aldeer General Forum
35 minutes ago
Frontpoint security
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Aldeer General Forum
38 minutes ago
That first pic looks like a normal coyote to wolf comparison shot. Pull the rear and front quarters off each and the body size comparison is about right. Its a healthy wolf, but not a monster by any means.

I've seen two while hunting out west.
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Aldeer General Forum
41 minutes ago
I wonder if he was shot by a mall cop.
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Aldeer General Forum
42 minutes ago
Never give up. That’s cool.
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AL Garden and Farm
42 minutes ago
Just, a few minutes ago, finished turning my peas under. The deer already ate them to the dirt and there was nothing left but stems. Sitting here wondering if I want to replant them tomorrow or just screw it.
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Land, Leases, and Hunting Clubs
44 minutes ago
This is your best bet. I'm not sure about out of state youth though.I know a guy that volunteers every year and they have a very high success rate. You may offer to volunteer to help her get a permit. Auburn is a good guy too and can probably get her a deer.
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AL Garden and Farm
46 minutes ago
Well after a couple heavy doses of Neem Oil and scraping off and stomping the eggs we seem to be making a little progress. Not completely on the clear but it is looking better. Hopefully we can save a couple plants.
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Aldeer General Forum
47 minutes ago
I see three deer and a squirrel in that pic.
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Aldeer General Forum
52 minutes ago
Looks like it’s over.

CHATOM, Ala. (WALA) -- Chatom Ford announced Wednesday it was ending its promotion giving free a gun, Bible, and American flag to customers buying a vehicle.

The dealership posted on Facebook that the Ford Motor Company has asked them to stop running the promotion.

Chatom Ford posted, "We were running a promotion celebrating this country's independence. Ford Motor Company has asked us to stop running the advertisement. They manufacture the products we are franchised to sell, so we are complying with their request. We appreciate everyone's support. All the phone calls and messages were so greatly appreciated. We will fulfill all commitments we made to our customers."

News of the promotion went viral earlier this week when the dealership announced the program in honor of Independence Day.

"It's grown a lot more than we anticipated," said Coby Palmer from Chatom Ford. "It was just something we just threw together."
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
Aint nobody got time fer that!
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