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Serious Deer Talk
Finally got my first bow buck back
by Surefire1911. 02/19/19 06:43 PM
The True Rut
by muzziehead. 02/19/19 09:50 AM
huuuuuuuuge buck
by Turkeymaster. 02/19/19 08:42 AM
Saw a good shooter this morning...
by Wade. 02/18/19 10:08 PM
dream hunt
by noble. 02/18/19 05:32 PM
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Turkey ammo 20G
by wew3006. 02/23/19 01:41 PM
12 foot nucanoe frontier kayak hybrid for big guys
by OutdoorsAL. 02/23/19 01:10 PM
Rods and Reels
by WarTiger. 02/23/19 10:32 AM
2004 Ford 4x4 Crew Cab Lariat
by TEM. 02/23/19 10:15 AM
PSA 22LR Upper w/mags
by trailertrash. 02/23/19 09:06 AM
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Football and Sports Talk
12 seconds ago
The SEC pretty much sucks at hoops. All of em
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Aldeer General Forum
1 minute ago
Sips has some of the best wings as well.
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
2 minutes ago

Watched 2 gobblers fight this week; a hen with them didn't seem to be paying much attention.
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Aldeer General Forum
7 minutes ago
I hunt with a guy that is a memeber of some kind of group that does search and rescue in Pensacola. He has a yellow lab and him and the dog are certified ( don’t know what organization does the certificate) but they have to go test every couple months. When my son is with me at camp we always have him go hide somewhere to get the dog to find him. Pretty impressive for sure what a dog can do.
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Aldeer General Forum
10 minutes ago
Originally Posted by AU7MM08
All those that enter Bham die. RIP

I made in and out last Friday without incident ... rofl
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Aldeer General Forum
12 minutes ago
Originally Posted by oldknight
Ok, whoever is doing the damn rain dance can stop it now.

I concur!
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Aldeer General Forum
13 minutes ago
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Aldeer General Forum
14 minutes ago
Originally Posted by doekiller
I haven’t worn a pair of levi jeans in over 20 years.

Close to 40 for me. About 1981 I saw where they were big anti-gun supporters. Of course them it was the evil handguns. I can't remember ever wearing Levi's except for a denim jacket I got for Christmas.
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Aldeer General Forum
14 minutes ago
They'll eat shrubs for sure, and azaleas can kill them.
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Aldeer Classifieds
18 minutes ago
Originally Posted by hunterturf
There isn’t a Stevenson...... hence me saying I wanted one mildly making fun of his autocorrect blunder. I’ll type the next joke slower cool


Never know with you though!! grin
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AL Fishing Talk
23 minutes ago
If you are ever around Decatur go to Craigs Battery and get the 2 biggest deep cycle they have. They were right at $200 out the door if I remember right.
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Aldeer General Forum
34 minutes ago
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Land, Leases, and Hunting Clubs
48 minutes ago
By "kid friendly" I mean somewhere that has a high quantity of deer so that kids are able to see some game and able to at least shoot a few does each season. Also green fields with shooting house that are comfortable for two people. I'm all about QDM, etc. but more interested in keeping my son interested in hunting by letting him see some deer and pull the trigger a few times each season. Hope this help clarify.
mike35549 - heard that The Oaks is a good club. I think they are focused on wall mounters. Thanks for the suggestion.
Thanks to all for the feedback and suggestions.
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
57 minutes ago
I’d be good with the math in that Study. By my math that should leave me 3-4 4+ year old age class bucks a year to hunt on my property. And since we don’t hardly shoot bucks we should have 10 or so bucks 4, 5,6+.....or older. I realistically think I’m at half that on my little square mile of paradise
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Aldeer General Forum
58 minutes ago

Neighbor’s daughter when we stripe fished last summer:


Nice boat!
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
I never will understand why folks have beauty pageants.
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by 3toe
Originally Posted by Johnal3
Quit being a cheap arse and buy him that benelli m2 that he really wants! laugh

That’s exacrly what he wants and I told him no way in hell!

Then buy you one and give him that painted up 870 you got! You act like u got 2 kids in college or something. wink
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
1 hour ago
Remington 1187 compact, IC .555, 1 5/8oz. I don’t think that was an accurate count though. Buddy used a plate and it ended up only being an 8” circle and the pattern wasn’t centered good
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Aldeer Classifieds
1 hour ago
I would really rather not. I had to talk myself into pricing the reels individually as it is.
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
1 hour ago
Retire from turkey hunting? If that were an option, it would have happened a long time ago!
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
This is a situation where living in the country without a neighbor within 500 feet has one of its many benefits.
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Football and Sports Talk
1 hour ago
He will sign,just not for $11Mil. It's the Manny/Bryce dominos falling someone will pay just not 6 years 11mil a year.
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
Agreed only takes a second of being lazy to become ugly
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by WmHunter
Originally Posted by abolt300
Originally Posted by rulebreaker
Cry babies, cry babies, cry babies, waa, waa, waa,...

By god I believe everyone should think like me because I want them to and I want to kill trophies by god. Enough is enough!!!!!!

I manage for mature bucks and we dont shoot anything we are not going to mount. I picked up 200 acres adjoining me this year and I paid the landowner $3 more per acre than what it was actually worth. I didn't offer the higher price but that's what the landowner said he had to have. I did it to keep some yahoo from picking up that little 200 acre piece and putting out a couple corn piles and killing 5 or 6 of the good 2 and 3 year old bucks that we are letting grow. I dang sure didnt need the additional acreage but it was worth it to us to overpay, by $600 on that particular piece, just to get the previous corn hunting, shoot anything group gone and to keep someone else from coming in and negatively impacting what we and our other 3 large landholding neighbors are trying to do. I wouldn't care if the neighbor guy killed a few young bucks here or there but when the 3 of them are shooting every basket rack 6 or 8 they see (8-10 and prob more each year) along with any doe that stands still long enough to get shot, and then every deer we kill on that side of our place is chock full of corn, my good neighbors and I can fix that problem.

It sucks for sure but more and more people are doing it and it is becoming the norm. The shoot everything crowd says they dont want to trophy hunt but they would be the first ones to ride a trophy all over town in their truck bragging about it if they did manage to kill a good one. It is my opinion that most dont manage or trophy hunt because they cannot afford to tie up large parcels and the expense that comes with managing the land and wildlife and I understand that. They make comments like " rich guys a ruining deer hunting". Maybe they should take a step back and look in the mirror. There is always someone with more money and willing to pay it no matter how wealthy or poor your group may be. People complain about lease prices and I completely understand and hate the current high rates/acre but the shoot anything group is hurting themselves as much or more than anything else.

Guys that control large acreages and have the money to do it are not going to just sit back and let a bunch of "shoot every buck they see" guys surround their highly managed properties and kill all the deer they are passing. It ends up creating a bad situation of limited opportunity for the guys that just want to hunt, but when the shoot everything guy doing what he wants to do, starts to prohibit mgmt guys from doing what they want and are trying to do, someone will always end up as the odd man out. It doesn't have to be that way. The unfortunate thing is that if the shoot anything guys would just back off on all the killing, just a little bit, they might have some great opportunities to enjoy some prime hunting that they otherwise might not be able afford, due to the sometimes prohibitive cost of obtaining a managing a 2000-5000 acre lease. A lot of people don't know or have access to 10-15 like minded guys to go in with them on a big lease. They could piggyback off the larger landowners mgmt efforts and enjoy the same quality of hunting on these smaller, more affordable 100 and 200 acre parcels, but to do so, they would/will have to adjust their mindset to fit in. I certainly don't mind a guy killing a young buck if that floats his boat but IMO there's no valid reason to try to kill every rack buck you see.

This is just my opinion but I can promise you that I honestly think that I could take a shoot anything guy, that is used to hunting small un-managed property and seeing maybe 2 or 3 young rack bucks a year and killing them all, for a couple weekends in a row on my place and sit with him and allow him to see multiple 3 yr old rack bucks (in all probability, bigger bucks than he has ever killed) feeding in a field in the broad daylight and Id' be willing to bet after seeing what is possible with just a little restraint, I could convert him and he would agree to get on our program and I could let him have that 200 acres and he'd end up being a good neighbor. IMO, the problem is that most people have not experienced hunting on a well managed property where it is really easy to see multiple 1-3yr or even 4 yr old bucks on a regular basis. It seems unattainable for them and it will continue to be as long as they maintain their I'm gonna kill 20 deer a year attitude.

And before someone brings it up, kids get multiple free passes on bucks as they work their way up to the same shooting standards that the adults have. You cant expect a young kid, who's only killed a few does, to pass up 100-110" 2 and 3 yr old 8 points while waiting on a 5 yr old and we dont make them. Like I said, my problem is not with guys killing young bucks. I'm happy for them if that floats their boat. It's with those that "have" to kill every buck they see. My other peeve is all the corn hunting, not supplemental feeding, but corn hunting that goes on in this state. It's a game violation that everyone has done for so long that it has become commonplace and accepted practice.

There's got to be come common ground somewhere but everyone is too selfish to find it without a bunch of state imposed rules. HAlf the state wants to kill every deer they see and the other half wants to protect all the younger bucks. We are our own worst enemies. GA has two whole counties that are trophy managed. When it was first proposed, there was a huge backlash from the shoot any buck crowd. Now those same guys are the biggest proponents of letting young deer walk and everyone, large landowners and small, are reaping the benefits of quality herd management and loving it. But they absolutely squalled like babies and were kicking and screaming those first couple years. Look up Dooley and Macon counties and what they've done. By the way, GA has a 2 buck and 10 doe limit. Statewide, no exceptions. The length of their firearms season is similar to ours with the only difference being you can only kill 12 deer a year total in GA whereas you can kill 121 in Bama. Go figure why our hunting is suffering. And for the record I'm not for making entire counties trophy mnanaged. While it would help what we are trying to do mgmt wise, It infringes on others rights and that's not right either. I don't know what the answer is.

^^^^ Best post I have ever read on Aldeer!

Agree 1 Million % Abolt!!!


I think the only things to be adjusted now are:

1. Have a rational doe limit per hunter.

We should open a discussion about that.
And based on what a lot of hunters report we should discuss what if any areas of the State should have a more significant restriction or limit including open and closed doe seasons. Seems that might be more of an issue for the Northern Tier.

2. I was going to have a 2 and 3 but don't want to open up a debate on this thread about corn and Gamecheck.

4. Continued emphasis on developing hunters into the conservation and land manager/steward level and QDM (not neccessarily TDM).

Too many guys want to trophy hunt and will pay $2000 or more but feel they have to kill one,two of three bucks every "so they get their monies worth" . If you're spending that kind of money and everyone's killing 100 inch deer,then you're not trophy hunting and just kidding yourself but they'll still bitch and moan.
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
If we have much wind at all tonight trees will come down.
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