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Serious Deer Talk
Roger Raglin rant
by bigcountry692001. 06/23/18 07:39 PM
It's too hot to do anything outside ...
by Smells. 06/23/18 02:33 PM
DIY Attractant
by rolltidehunter. 06/22/18 09:33 PM
Deer Cane and Mountain Dew
by AUwrestler. 06/22/18 07:36 AM
Lee and Tiffany live deer cam
by rolltidehunter. 06/20/18 06:07 PM
Aldeer Classifieds
WTB bear take down limbs
by boker. 06/23/18 09:55 PM
Knives for Sale
by HeavyStepper. 06/23/18 09:43 PM
Ruger 44 Redhawk
by low wall. 06/23/18 08:25 PM
10 foot flat bottom boat
by AUwrestler. 06/23/18 08:22 PM
6mm and 224 bullets and AMMO FS
by ALMODUX. 06/23/18 06:55 PM
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Aldeer General Forum
1 minute ago
Originally Posted by oakachoy
My Niece is married to a Chef, he owns Cuvee Bistro30A. Pretty high end, small portion kind of place. That dude can cook though, he does tv and all that. Jerry Johnson sent a jet to pick up a pot of Collard greens for thanksgiving if that tells you anything.

His filet is ridiculous!! Its one of the best I ever tried with the fried lobster tail in top. Mercy
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Aldeer Classifieds
2 minutes ago
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Aldeer General Forum
3 minutes ago
I want say hate.Ticked off is more like it. Because I still go to see and hang out with my friends. But I won a trip in 09 that I never got to go on. Every time I called the Outfitter to schedule it.They was in a meeting, driving in the car or took my number and was gonna call me back. Of course they never did.
We went back the next year and raised heck with them. Of course it was the PR guy's fault and they were gonna make it good.. Even had my boss at the time standing there to buy a hunt to come with me. And we got 2 emails for his hunt and nothing on mine. The next year they was a no show.then there website got pulled and they were out of business.
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Aldeer General Forum
4 minutes ago
Waiting on this storm to get here before I hit the sack, had naders in it off and on for the last 3 hours and i don’t trust it.
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Aldeer General Forum
4 minutes ago
Not sure if it applies to OHVs but I would be exploring Lemon Law requirements if you don't get anywhere talking.
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Aldeer Classifieds
6 minutes ago
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
7 minutes ago
I got to agree I can spend time watching th family, and enjoy nature anytime but when it comes to hunting, boils down down to killing.
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Aldeer General Forum
13 minutes ago

I was a reluctant Trump voter. He has more than exceeded my expectations. I love seeing these Liberals and media lose their minds over him. The more they scream and holler, the more it solidifies my vote for him in 2020.
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Aldeer General Forum
16 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Lonster
Originally Posted by Alagator
Originally Posted by Lonster

Used them all the time when I was a kid. One nibble and they are off the hook.

My great-uncle could rub his hand in his arm pit and reach up and grab a nest and not get stung.

Lonster, there are people here who won't believe that armpit trick, but I have seen it done. When I was a kid on the farm, we had an old Creek Indian named Gus who worked for us. He used that trick to collect nests that grew in the dried cornfield. We, being chicken-squat white folks, would tie a wad of paper to the end of a bream pole and light it so we could sear the wings off the adult wasps sitting on the nest. Then you hurried to knock down the nests before the unharmed adults flew back in. As mentioned earlier, they didn't last long on a hook. If you want long-lasting bait, it's hard to beat a catalpa sphinx moth caterpillar. That's tobber worms for you unwashed heathens.

Alagator I'm glad you could vouch for the trick. I figured some of these folks would doubt it and call me out.

I've heard of old timers that could do that. My wife said her Granddaddy could do it. I've never seen it but I'd love to see it done, from a distance of course.
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Aldeer Classifieds
23 minutes ago
Or trade for some #3 length in any weight but 45lbs. Located in Athens AL
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Aldeer General Forum
24 minutes ago
[Linked Image]
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Aldeer Classifieds
25 minutes ago
Originally Posted by mark
Sold on Craigslist

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Aldeer General Forum
28 minutes ago
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Aldeer Classifieds
29 minutes ago
PM sent
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Aldeer General Forum
31 minutes ago
Originally Posted by 257wbymag
I hear ya man. Did kinda the same today. 4" of rain in last few days got the stress level down for a few days here too. Enjoy it.

We need some of that rain down this way. Hasn't rained much in about a week.
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Aldeer General Forum
33 minutes ago
We used to shoot 'em with BB guns. The ones we saw were huge, black with red racing stripes laugh
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Aldeer Classifieds
35 minutes ago
I have three knives for sale. I made each of them from 1095 carbon steel, walnut, and bronze pins. The blades are differentially heat treated where the edge is hardened but the spine is not. This can be seen as the dark line in the middle of the blade, or hamon line. I made the knives using stock removal from bars of 1095 steel in my shop with all of the work being done in-house, including the heat treatment. Each has a leather sheath that I made by hand as well. These knives have been designed to be light and sharp. Being carbon steel, they will rust if they are not taken care of. I prefer PayPal. Thanks

Knife 1: Bird and Trout 3.125" blade, 4.75" handle $250
[Linked Image]

Knife 2: Bird and Trout 3.125" blade, 4.75" handle $250
[Linked Image]

Knife 3: Drop Point Hunter 4.0" Blade, 4.75" handle $250
[Linked Image]
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Football and Sports Talk
37 minutes ago
Timeless classic!!! I hope I'm able to watch the final play again on the day I leave this world smile
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Aldeer General Forum
38 minutes ago

I loan or give my stuff to any of my friends who ask and I don’t ask for $hit from anyone. That’s just how I am.
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
49 minutes ago
Kill an archery bull. I let 3 slide last year trying to get my son and a friend their first bull. Gonna try to get my son one but, I intend on punching a hole in one.
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
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Aldeer General Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Fuzzy_Bunny
Ivomec pour on

I've had enough Eprinex on me it oughta still work if it's going to.
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Guns N Gear
1 hour ago
I like this one whistle
[Linked Image]
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by YEKRUT
Originally Posted by n2deer
Originally Posted by 257wbymag
Watch out for the south FL cougars popcorn

We saw a few of those at that campground we stayed at. Blahaha

I remember a dang good time at the pot luck dinner followed up by some beer drinking on the deck and an awkward conversation with some kids/young guys smile Dang that was funny!

Yeah yeah, I stuck my foot in my mouth a little.
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1 hour ago
I use to go like that with no sleep. Im middle aged now and it kills me if i only get 5hrs of sleep! I feel like im dying with a couple hours. Especially in the heat. Goodluck brother!
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