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Serious Deer Talk
by D Wilborn. 02/18/18 09:49 AM
Compound bow let off
by fr8-shkr. 02/16/18 08:39 PM
Ravin R10 crossbow
by canvasback. 02/16/18 08:07 PM
by Bossbuck. 02/16/18 05:02 PM
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Winchester 1300 nwtf edition
by Cody sullivan. 02/19/18 03:16 AM
Bass boat & 150 Merc ZR4
by Dedi. 02/18/18 08:51 PM
Looking for a pull behind Bush Hog
by garykwray. 02/18/18 04:14 PM
Nikon Monarch Ucc
by Cjunkin. 02/18/18 04:09 PM
by hunterturf. 02/18/18 11:10 AM
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Aldeer General Forum
5 minutes ago
Originally Posted by captjab
I don’t see any ink pens in any of those pictures, y’all may have a case after all.

Good work there!!!
That had slipped my attention.....

Only problem is......he killed a hog one night.......so, he may get a Pardon via the Director.
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Land, Leases, and Hunting Clubs
39 minutes ago
Looking for a hunting club for the 2018-2019 season thats family friendly for me and my 6 year old son. In or around clarke county
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Aldeer Classifieds
42 minutes ago
Anybody on here have a winchester 1300 nwtf edition and want to sell let me know please. Thanks.
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Aldeer General Forum
42 minutes ago
wife is wanting a pole barn. i asked about them a while back here and now it seems time to build one or get one built.. probably get one built since the time of year right now is to be on the water and not slinging a hammer... i have a few questions though. i still may build it so want to ask some questions from the builders or people in the know. my wife is wanting the typical barn look with a clean walkway about 12 ft wide and tall eaves with a lean too off each side about ten feet. im thinking something in the 36wx30l total size so that was i can have 6 total bays/stalls, tack room 10X10 with the middle open to walk a horse through. i am leaning to getting the pole barn built with just the 36 ft wide metal trusses and it wont look like a traditional barn but will work and i think be cheaper. the floor is going to be concrete so i will not have to have the 6x6s in the center and will just frame up the stalls/rooms like on a house. these are my thoughts though.. and i am green when it comes to this kind of stuff. any ideas or thoughts on what i suggested... my father in law wants me to use wooden trusses or rafter or what ever they are called since he said it may be a little cheaper but looks like to me it will be more work. do you think that i need 6x6s on the inside of the barn to build off of instead of shooting the stalls to the concrete and tieing to the trusses? any insight would be greatly appreciated on building, what to do, what not to do, what to look for??

not exactly like this but the overall look.


and no selling horses is not an option.. as much as i would love too.
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Aldeer Bow Talk
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by kodiak06
Originally Posted by BigCountry062307
That is good motivation there bud. Good looking bull. Where you hunt at? I have been going up to NW CO the last 3 yrs myself and love it.

Astoria oregon, clatsop county. OTC TAGS for archery

Just got engaged in January. My fiance's family lives in Salem, Oregon. The dream would be to eventually get on a elk hunt out west somewhere.
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Serious Deer Talk Forum
2 hours ago
Everybody loves to use the strawman argument of 'pouring a bag of corn in a pile on the ground' in attempt to discredit the value of Supplemental Feeding based on their own personal morals.

Just quit.....geez....

I know. I get so sick of hearing that s##t too. Anyone I see parroting that crap instantly loses any respect I could have ever had for their opinion.
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Aldeer General Forum
3 hours ago
ive been expirementing with pure tung oil not the fake 1% stuff. BLO is pretty similar but has a more yellow look and metals added. my advise would be that if you want the project done quick go with poly or helmsman. BLO has an advantage for small projects because you can just throw the rag away between each coat. but big projects would be very time consuming not to mention the cure time.
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3 hours ago

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Aldeer General Forum
3 hours ago
I always said that the next greeter that ask for a reciept, I would tell them to get a search warrant. well the next time they asked for it was a disabled man in a wheel chair, so I just gave it to them.
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Aldeer General Forum
3 hours ago
When the whole Russian collusion mess started some of you may remember me wanting to know exactly what was done to influence the election? Well now that there have been 13 indictments, I finally have an answer. It seems that they were using social media to promote Trump. Big whoop de do is all I can say. So they got indicted for using a public medium to promote a candidate? If we looked I bet we can find plenty of foreigners that have done this. I guess it is only a crime if you support someone that the elite were not pushing.

By the way, if it is a crime to be a foreign and support a candidate, I have to ask because I really don't know, is George Soros, the one time Nazi, an American citizen?

OK, according to Wikipedia, he holds dual Hungarian and American citizenships, so it is legal for him to influence elections, but heaven forbid a DACA dreamer express an opinion on Facebook. Lock 'em up for using a public medium to express an opinion.

Just trying to get Perch stirred up for the evening.
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Aldeer Classifieds
4 hours ago
I’ve got a Polaris brand that “needs a little work”...but I haven’t gotten around to yet. Hit me with a pm if interested. $100.
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4 hours ago
I had the same problem when I used to remove honey bees for a fee (VERY LOW FEE). I was doing it to make a few bucks to offset my hardware costs for beekeeping. You would be amazed at the people that would offer to let me “get the bees as long as you don’t tear up anything...and you can keep half of the honey”. I would suggest they cut my grass free for a month, and they could bring their own lawnmower and gas.

The freeloaders out there are breeding and multiplying at an astounding rate. I don’t blame you for not wanting to take anyone.
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Aldeer General Forum
4 hours ago
Here in Sindelfingen.....

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
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AL Fishing Talk
4 hours ago
Good looking boat. I've lusted after the Gatortrax boats for years, but never pulled the trigger on one.
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Aldeer General Forum
4 hours ago
I have a big cabelas back rack bag seat that is made of cordura and it has semi solid plastic lined walls. After I load my gear in the bag,I lay the stand across the bag and strap the stand down on top of the bag with 2 little nylon cinch straps. The stand doesn't get muddy, make noise, or bounce around, and it makes sure loose gear in a little storage area can't bounce out, when you flip up the back seat and use the seat area for gear storage. The stand is last thing on and first thing I take off the wheeler. Oh, and the bag has huge compartments and carries all kinds of gear In it. It has a rain fly and has Molle attachments all over to attach any thing that uses molle attachments. Most important it has a drink holder And the seat storage area is perfect size for holding a small 20 soft side cooler a or big backpack or can be used for a back seat when just going riding. I think you can also buy a gun case that uses molle attachments made for the seat bag. I don't have one of those though, but they looked nice. For what I need it Works great for me.

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Aldeer General Forum
4 hours ago
Originally Posted by charlie
Originally Posted by Slim1026
Take them to a pawn shop. Borrow $10 per gun. 30 day storage for $2.50 per.

You have to do the ffl paperwork on them all over again when you get them out of pawn as well.

Yeah years ago i got in a bind. I need to borrow 100 bucks for 1 day. Til i got paid. I pawned a 20ga wingmaster that was clean as heck. The little pawn shop sure didnt tell me i had to clear a background check. 2 days later i went back to repay the 100 bucks. They said you aint getn MY gun until you pass the check. I said ok no worries. They came back and said i was flagged and it would be a few days. So after the weekend which made it about 5 days later they called and said come get it. I hate pawn shops and if i ever get in a bad spot then i will suck my pride up and ask a friend for help. When they said you aint getn the gun yet i said....so you got my 100 bucks and my gun!!?? That sorry woman said nope...i got my 100 bucks and got my gun! I was pissed. I thought they were gonna lie to me and say i failed the background check just to steal my gun. I didnt think i would ever get it back. This was at billys pawn on oakwood avenue in huntsville. I will never pawn ANYTHING ever again. Cost me 25 bucks too. They shoulda told me about this before i gave my gun to them. I lived and learned from that. Im glad i got my gun back but i wont ever buy from them again. They take a gun and hope you fail a background check. Dont pawn your guns. I dont trust a pawn shop.
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Guns N Gear
4 hours ago
If you can afford it,go with an Arsenal.You won't be disappointed
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Aldeer General Forum
5 hours ago
He's part of the problem
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Aldeer General Forum
5 hours ago
Vocational school teacher once had two students rolling a push mower around trying to roll start it like you do a tractor.
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Guns N Gear
5 hours ago
Originally Posted by Remington270
I have heard the 7.62x39 described as "inherently inaccurate". Not sure if that's just in AK's or if a bolt action would be better....Sounds like you're doing pretty well with it.

I am really pleased ! Basically I have a round comparable to a 30-30 in a platform that I personally like to carry more than a lever gun. The gun performs well and has exceeded my expectations at the range and in hunting performance in its intended application which is tight places...just a good woods gun. I have an SKS and an AK and my experience is that the SKS can be pretty accurate, and my father who is a NAM Vet doesn't discount an AK either. To this day he is still amazed at the conditions in which an AK would still fire and can distinguish its sound any time anywhere. There are some good comments regarding 7.62x39 here that discuss the various platforms it has been chambered in and its intended use. I do think that the Ruger Ranch Rifle is more than a crude firearm, but certainly not a safe queen. It has really turned out to be a fun set-up.
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ALTurkey Talk -- Beards and Spurs
5 hours ago
I used a rail I bought for a BPS 12 ga that fits on the rib. I had to cut it down to shorten the lenght. I also had to file the slot for the venom I bought for it.
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Aldeer General Forum
5 hours ago
You can get real good deals on pontoons with soft decking its nothing to replace maybe 3 sheets of plywood tops just dont use treated the copper will react with aluminum and eat it away and you can buy finished ready to screw down seating in any layout you want for the whole boat for less than 2 grand. My buddy bought an old toon hardly ever ran like new motor that someone let set in the yard and rot out redecked it replaced the seating polished the aluminum and resprayed all the paint had maybe 4k in it when it was done and was nicer than alot i see people spending 15-20k on.
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Aldeer General Forum
5 hours ago
Well I just bought an AR as some of you know in 300 Blackout in pistol configuration. I barely got to shoot it in between showers yesterday but, man, that thing is sweet and I can’t believe I’m this late getting to the party. You should try one Hunting-231. I was just like you. I’m going to deer hunt some with mine.
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AL Squirrel, Rabbit, Trapping, and Varmits
5 hours ago
My Granny grew up in the Depression era and I remember her talking about her daddy eating possum.
“Granny, did you ever eat possum,” I asked.
“No, but I’ve eat the taters around one,” she said.
Ol boy near here grew up pretty hard over in Mississippi. My daddy grew up pretty hard in Virginia. Mississippi told my dad “Don, I have eat baked coon before.”
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Quality Deer Management
5 hours ago
Dax I used a brillion 8’ 3 pt hitch cultipacker with the big sand wheel last year at my house. It worked pretty good creating a thick mat that surpressed the weeds most of the summer. Had I been able to get a stand of beans I would have had no weed issues. The deer ate up my beans before they got established.

I can text you some pics of what my plot looked like after I had the thatch rolled down. Shoot me a pm if you would the pics.
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