I ended up with about 5 acres located on a ridge overlooking a large cove. The property has a small house and about four acres is planted in black walnut trees, blue berries, and muscadines. The property is maybe 500 yds from the ridgeline with open pasture in between. Deer cross through from the cove to the surrounding pastures. Not unusual to see them at night. Have seen some very large tracks and droppings. The black walnut trees are about 20' tall and I mowed under them a couple of days ago. The grass was 2' high and there were several large bedding areas. The muscadines vines are 100yds long and were spread out 10yds but I cleaned all the spread up. 30 Blue berry bushes 6' tall.

My question is what do I need to do to keep the deer around? Do they eat muscadines? If so I'll let them grow. Do I need to add any attractant (mineral blocks, ect) to the area.? Is there anything I can do to make it more habitat? The house is unoccupied and will most likely stay that way until I sell it.


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