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#744457 - 11/14/13 04:09 PM Best WMA bucks ?
Bamahunter308 Offline
6 point

Registered: 10/17/11
Posts: 898
Loc: Colbert
Who has kill a good buck on Alabama public land ? My best buck was a small 8pt (100 inch) on lauderdale WMA about 8 years ago, it was cold and windy I was setting in the back of the beaver swamp on "Man-bone " road I saw about 7-8 does come out of the pines about 8:30 that morning and filter right by me I almost shot one of them but didn't they were huge 130 pounders i watched them walk up the other side of the holler, were I heard gunfire, so I figured half them were killed. So I sat there there thinking I should have shot one of them the rest of the morning I started to climb down got about 5 feet from bottom of the tree when the 8 pt I shot came out of pines and was walking away from me my gun was on the ground I had lowered it , I pulled it up got it load but dropped the mag out but still had a round in the tube I fired and got him but damn I was shaking like crazy my best wma hunt . If y'all got one post it & pics if you got them

#744611 - 11/14/13 06:20 PM Re: Best WMA bucks ? [Re: Bamahunter308]
doecommander Offline
things that make you go hmmmmmmm

Registered: 12/13/10
Posts: 3548
Loc: Sylacauga
There are deer on WMA's? That's news to me.
doecommander out...........................

#744628 - 11/14/13 06:33 PM Re: Best WMA bucks ? [Re: doecommander]
Stob Online   content
10 point

Registered: 06/03/12
Posts: 3838
Loc: Yes.
My biggest deer was killed about a mile from a WMA on Nat. Forest Land. 240lb. 10pt. This deer was making scrapes in October. Killed him on Thanksgiving day as he was urinating on his hocks.

#744868 - 11/14/13 09:14 PM Re: Best WMA bucks ? [Re: Bamahunter308]
Turkey_neck Offline
12 point

Registered: 03/29/13
Posts: 6453
Loc: Clanton
Mine was killed on oakamulgee a few years back. I hunted all day trying to shoot a deer. Had a few does come by early no shot and moved 150 yds around lunch. After climbing new tree had a deer come by and no shot then some hogs came in and wallowed in a tree stump no shot. Finally climbed down too stalk hogs with no luck got back in stand. At 4:00 heard what I thought was a squirrel and saw a rack crossing below me about 120 yds. Put the bullet where it counted and had a 9 point on the ground double brow tines on one side could be called a 10. I'll post picks in the morn. [img:center]http://[/img] [img:center]http://[/img]

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Would walk over a naked woman to get to a gobblin turkey!

#744954 - 11/14/13 09:56 PM Re: Best WMA bucks ? [Re: Bamahunter308]
Tmacfire Offline
4 point

Registered: 08/18/03
Posts: 325
Loc: Alabaster
Killed a 205lb 8pt scored 130+" on Cahaba a few years back. Cant figure out how to put a pic in.

Edited by Tmacfire (11/14/13 09:58 PM)

#744962 - 11/14/13 09:58 PM Re: Best WMA bucks ? [Re: Bamahunter308]
10 point

Registered: 09/02/08
Posts: 4291
december 2011 from cahaba WMA

december 2012 cahaba WMA


Triple Toe Assassins, Where Pellets Meet Peckers

"A turkey's brain development exceeds that of nearly all vice-presidents." - TOM KELLY

The bird possesses a remarkable ability to turn arrogance into hopelessness. - TOM KELLY

#745137 - 11/15/13 01:48 AM Re: Best WMA bucks ? [Re: Bamahunter308]
Beadlescomb Offline
14 point

Registered: 12/02/12
Posts: 8820
Loc: Tuscaloosa
Team Stickin Fatties Bowfishing

#745189 - 11/15/13 07:33 AM Re: Best WMA bucks ? [Re: Bamahunter308]
quailman Offline
14 point

Registered: 07/31/03
Posts: 7225
Loc: In a Van, down by the River
Couple of Blue Spring Bucks.

Life is a journey. Make sure and bring plenty of Beer.

#745207 - 11/15/13 08:02 AM Re: Best WMA bucks ? [Re: quailman]
BowtechDan Offline

Registered: 12/17/06
Posts: 10268
Loc: Madison
Having a "YETI" sticker just has "I'm Serious" written all over it. smile

#745695 - 11/15/13 03:40 PM Re: Best WMA bucks ? [Re: BowtechDan]
aldoghunter Offline
4 point

Registered: 11/09/11
Posts: 759
Loc: southwest alabama

Not mine,a buddy killed this fine buck at Scotch WMA a few years ago.
Be safe & have fun

#745825 - 11/15/13 06:03 PM Re: Best WMA bucks ? [Re: Bamahunter308]
quailman Offline
14 point

Registered: 07/31/03
Posts: 7225
Loc: In a Van, down by the River
Scotch used have some studs killed on it when I hunted up there.
Life is a journey. Make sure and bring plenty of Beer.

#745831 - 11/15/13 06:11 PM Re: Best WMA bucks ? [Re: Bamahunter308]
Reaper Offline
10 point

Registered: 12/02/11
Posts: 4404
Loc: McCalla
Both from the NF about 100yds from each other in consecutive seasons.


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