Continuing to attempt to thin the herd.

Based on barrel codes it is December 1967 production and the serial looks to be in that same range so I'm running with that date. It was born a .222 Rem but was rechambered to .223 Rem and barrel cut down to 20 inches. Furniture is in good shape for its age. Few nicks and the right side of the butt stock has some fading and and what looks like maybe a scorch mark. It appears to have a newer floor plate and trigger guard. Action is solid. Metal butt plate. Scope was on it when I bought it.


I'd like $750 out of it if possible but will move on price some. FTF with AL Drivers License and/or Carry Permit. I bought it and put it up in the bunker.

In the interest of full disclosure, I posted about this gun in Guns & Gear here; so ya'll can see other members thoughts. To echo that thread, I wish it hadn't been boogered up to a .223.

Live in Florence. Will travel to meet a reasonable distance, Athens, Cullman, Russellville, etc.

Just for the views without shameless bumping. Another gun I have up here Springfield 1911 GI 45 Champion