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Re: Lftt 2-3 [Re: Here4fun] #3604329
02/04/22 10:30 PM
02/04/22 10:30 PM
Joined: May 2021
Posts: 173
Vinegar bend
JLedbetter Offline
3 point
JLedbetter  Offline
3 point
Joined: May 2021
Posts: 173
Vinegar bend
Originally Posted by Here4fun
Originally Posted by JLedbetter
Originally Posted by Here4fun
Ibedwetter, let me enlighten you. You really think anyone is going to believe you leased hundreds of acres of land in North Alabama that was already leased for the season?

And that YOU told the current lease holders who had already paid that YOU were going to let them still hunt THEIR lease but all their stuff had to be gone immediately after the season?

Yeah, that would really happen. slap loco I have a feeling theyd of kicked your arse and thrown you in the back of your truck with your does and fawns. Maybe even stump broke your stupid arse.

And you expect us to believe a lessor is going to get rid of the guys they have a relationship for some "Johnny come lately" who is just there to kill and wants to shoot ALL their deer.

Then who would lease their land after that the next year ? No one. They LIKE having deer so they can lease their hunting rights.. They arent going to let some moron shoot all their deer.

No one up here is going to do that.

And your have no idea about leases obviously. Land up here leases for $15 plus an acres. so if you got 400 acres you would have to write a check for a minimum of $6000.

Youre so full of chit that you obviously have no idea how stupid youre making yourself look.

And I own land here and lease land here too. Do you know how many letters and calls we get trying to lease our land every year? LOL. Guys from Bham ready to pay $20 an acre on the spot.

You cannot even find land in North Alabama. Go look in the hunting club and land lease forum. People are dying to lease land up here and cant ever find any.

I think youre full of crap and have been since your first post about this. I dont think you shot anything up here and you never posted any pics that made anyone think otherwise. Youre just a sorry little attention seeking troll. shocked rofl

Geez your butthurt about life. And yes I mistyped a 3 instead of a 2 in the other post big deal. I'm not sure what the deal the other hunters had with the landowners, don't care to be honest. Life's been good to me bud wink if I was just going to pay $6000 I wouldn't even pull out my checkbook. I hope things get better for you so you don't stay sour all the time. It don't take much to make that lease invalid if there ain't any papers signed. I get it, you don't like people that are capable of doing things such as this. In your mind it's impossible, but it ain't. Get out and see the world sometime, lots of things out there to see.

LOL..Ive been all around the world , a few times there. LOL...yeah..Im sure you just wheel and deal there big spender. You are full of crap dude. Get a life. You aint fooling anybody here.

I highly doubt you've ever crossed a state line. I don't have to wheel and deal, my brokers make sure of that wink. Post that lease holder info of yours, I may be interested in it.

Re: Lftt 2-3 [Re: CaneCreek] #3604380
02/04/22 11:44 PM
02/04/22 11:44 PM
Joined: Apr 2021
Posts: 1,292
In the woods
Here4fun Offline
8 point
Here4fun  Offline
8 point
Joined: Apr 2021
Posts: 1,292
In the woods
Old Imabedwetter,

Your brokers? Buddy with you I thought my knee high boots would be enough but heck no, youre in chest wader area you so full of chit.

There are a few folks on here who know who I am and Ive posted pics on here from pretty much all over the world in twenty years here.

Heck I have helped people with advice here travelling all over the world and traveling the country to hunt. Even one of the old Mods Mangler ( May he RIP, and is missed on here) on his Italy trip.They know how I traveled for a living and are laughing at the sheer stupidity of you, your posts and your bullchit.

Youre a legend in your own mind and there only . You Sir, ... are a moron, and a TROLL.

And if youve leased land in North Bama why dont you PM whose land and I guarantee you between myself, my farming buddies and an old member here in the ag business right there in that VERY area we will know the person if he exists. Chances are we will have his number on our cell phones. Ill be waiting for your PM clown.

Show me youre not full of crap bigmouth

Last edited by Here4fun; 02/05/22 12:34 AM.
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