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#2292029 - 11/14/17 12:00 AM AR- 15 or AR-10?
North40R Offline
12 point

Registered: 03/04/10
Posts: 6447
Loc: South of 20/North of 10
I've never had any desire to own either but now I'm wanting one.

I love 30 caliber guns but don't know if it's worth the effort buying a 308 or 300 Blackout in an AR platform. I'll definitely be predator hunting with whatever I get and I'm sure I'll shoot a deer or two with it just as a novelty but it'll mainly be a defense/predator hunting gun. I've looked at just about everything on the net and factory guns are high but I like the FN SCAR series and Sig ARs.

Buy it or build it? I'm not familiar with AR platforms at all but it seems like building one is a good bit cheaper than buying a factory gun.
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#2292030 - 11/14/17 12:06 AM Re: AR- 15 or AR-10? [Re: North40R]
trlrdrdave Online   happy
10 point

Registered: 09/04/07
Posts: 4283
Loc: Flint City, AL
One of each! Then buy an 300BO upper.
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#2292070 - 11/14/17 01:16 AM Re: AR- 15 or AR-10? [Re: North40R]
James Offline
Mini Boner

Registered: 06/09/13
Posts: 25081
Loc: Mobile/Gee's Bend
450 Bushmaster smile
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#2292100 - 11/14/17 06:38 AM Re: AR- 15 or AR-10? [Re: North40R]
AU7MM08 Offline
10 point

Registered: 06/27/15
Posts: 4668
Loc: Some Marriot/Auburn
Kinda like asking half ton or 3/4 ton, both trucks but each have pros and cons.

If you want to build there are plenty of detailed YouTube videos that can walk someone through it.

#2292143 - 11/14/17 07:39 AM Re: AR- 15 or AR-10? [Re: North40R]
just_an_illusion Offline
4 point

Registered: 01/26/14
Posts: 672
Loc: Grant Al
AR10s are heavy if you will be on the move a lot. AR15 is a ton lighter and can be had in some pretty potent rounds. AR15 parts and accessories are quite a bit cheaper for the most part too. I have both but my 10 is a shooting house gun only.

#2292191 - 11/14/17 08:32 AM Re: AR- 15 or AR-10? [Re: North40R]
paulfish4570 Online   content
10 point

Registered: 07/20/14
Posts: 3074
Loc: crenshaw county
AR15 in .223, 1/7 twist. lighter, compact, and you can still reach coyotes a long way off ...
Joshua 1:9

#2292287 - 11/14/17 10:05 AM Re: AR- 15 or AR-10? [Re: North40R]
ValleyDawg Offline
6 point

Registered: 04/29/14
Posts: 818
Loc: Jasper, Alabama
I absolutely love my 300 blackout. I have sold all my ar10's. I like them but I like my 308 in a bolt gun. My 300 does great on stuff within 200yds. If you want to use an ar15 but still reach out and touch something, a 6.5 grendel with 20" barrel is the ticket. Maybe when the 277 wolverine picks up more steam it will fill that role but right now grendel is good.

#2292558 - 11/14/17 01:45 PM Re: AR- 15 or AR-10? [Re: North40R]
doekiller Offline
Freak of Nature

Registered: 01/11/05
Posts: 27108
Loc: Land of the Free
AR 10 is going to be a lot heavier.

#2292613 - 11/14/17 02:26 PM Re: AR- 15 or AR-10? [Re: doekiller]
Wiley Coyote Offline
Freak of Nature

Registered: 02/10/02
Posts: 33166
Loc: North Alabama
Originally Posted By: doekiller
AR 10 is going to be a lot heavier.

And the 300 Blackout is just a 30 cal upper on the AR15 lower.

I had an AR10 and hunted with it a couple of times. It weighed around 13/14lbs. Killed a doe with it and sold it.
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#2292732 - 11/14/17 04:10 PM Re: AR- 15 or AR-10? [Re: North40R]
Hornhntr Online   content
3 point

Registered: 11/22/14
Posts: 109
Loc: St. Clair
Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF) has the Revolution line of 308 piston driven carbines that weigh just over 7lb. https://pof-usa.com/revolution/
They are pricey but are really good guns and very accurate. I had a P-308 several years ago but it was 9 plus pounds. The Revolution will be my next AR

#2293166 - 11/14/17 08:56 PM Re: AR- 15 or AR-10? [Re: ValleyDawg]
willdo22 Online   content
8 point

Registered: 01/04/16
Posts: 1819
Loc: Moody, AL

Originally Posted By: ValleyDawg
Maybe when the 277 wolverine picks up more steam it will fill that role but right now grendel is good.

A mans got to know his limitations.

#2296659 - Today at 01:58 PM Re: AR- 15 or AR-10? [Re: North40R]
buzzard Offline
12 point

Registered: 02/11/03
Posts: 6181
Loc: shelby county
AR 15 and get an extra upper for 6.5 grendel wink
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