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MOLAG - 08/01/22 04:10 PM

Anyone know a way to contact Molag or their parent company about land lease opportunities in AL? Any insight would be much appreciated. thanks
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Re: MOLAG - 08/02/22 06:28 PM

14120 ballentyne corporate place ste 525
Charlotte nc 28277

They own bunch ol pca timberlands that was sold off few years . Some in al , Waller county an lot in middle tn. Don t know who does leases. This is address I got off onX maps
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CLAW Forestry used to handle it.
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Didn’t they sell most of their land to Soterra?
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Originally Posted by joshm28
Didn’t they sell most of their land to Soterra?

The land that we leased for years from Soterra was purchased by Weyerhaeuser in Butler County.