Colbert County

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Colbert County - 05/18/22 12:56 AM

Have a few openings for this upcoming deer/turkey season. 2400 acres, 33 fields all one acre or bigger with 4x6 shooting houses. No corn allowed due to CWD restrictions. All bucks must have 4 on one side, and can shoot does all season. Fully functioning camphouse with water, electric, heat, and kitchen. Call Paul at 256-566-4725
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Re: Colbert County - 05/18/22 01:07 AM

Family oriented club. $1500 dues
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Re: Colbert County - 05/18/22 01:56 AM

PM sent
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Re: Colbert County - 05/18/22 02:53 PM

How many members? and what is the policy on family and guests?
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Re: Colbert County - 05/18/22 04:50 PM

15-16 members. Membership covers member, spouse, and kids under 16. Spouse can hunt separately from member. Kids 16 and over have to pay $550 if they’ll hunt on their own. Guest hunts are from opening day of archery to Dec 31. 3 guest hunts per member, $50 a day. A guest buck harvest goes towards the members total of 3
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Re: Colbert County - 05/27/22 07:06 PM

Are you in the club? If so, what are your thoughts/opinions?
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PM sent
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Re: Colbert County - 08/11/22 04:07 AM

Still needing a couple members! Contact Paul at 256-566-4725 if interested