Land for Lease

Posted By: Farmer Brown

Land for Lease - 10/12/20 06:30 PM

Hancock Recreation has two tracts for lease. One is over 800 acres, and the other is 185. 800 is in Coosa County, the other in Bibb. Go to Hancock Recreation online.
Posted By: Farmer Brown

Re: Land for Lease - 10/12/20 08:14 PM

Let me know if any of you check it out.
Posted By: pmau24

Re: Land for Lease - 10/13/20 12:54 AM

Do you know any details about either property?
Posted By: jaredhunts

Re: Land for Lease - 10/13/20 11:39 AM

Didnt pull up for me.
Posted By: BigEd

Re: Land for Lease - 10/13/20 10:36 PM

Just looking at the website map, Coosa looks like access could be tricky, and its a recently clear cut wasteland, small corner borders the lake.

Bibb county is north of Co Lake and east of Hwy 5. Couple of field sites, houses close so trespassers probable. Guessing at 5yo clearcut, hdwd drains.
Posted By: Stoney

Re: Land for Lease - 10/15/20 10:00 PM

I agree, I don't see access either except by lake. No roads on map go to it.