Hunting Camp insurance

Posted By: David Ellis

Hunting Camp insurance - 09/05/20 02:09 PM

Looking for insurance on Camp house in Butler county around Greenville. Anyone know of a company that does this? TIA
Posted By: bamaeyedoc

Re: Hunting Camp insurance - 09/05/20 05:40 PM

Interesting question. I doubt HC insurance covers dwellings. I know club liability insurance covers for accidents related to the activity of hunting. However, I could not get a straight answer if I was covered if someone was injured on the property doing something not related to hunting. Say rolling an ATV or getting injured/killed on a tractor while bushogging or planting. I was left thinking I would not be covered. Seemed like the chances of being injured that way would be higher than while actively hunting. Post up answer about club house when u find one.

Dr. B
Posted By: 4Him146

Re: Hunting Camp insurance - 09/06/20 03:03 AM

Not sure either but you could start with one of the big names like Alfa and then go from there
Posted By: cgardner

Re: Hunting Camp insurance - 09/08/20 12:53 AM

We used Philadelphia Insurance for our campground. Liability plus camp house and shed.
Posted By: sloughfoot

Re: Hunting Camp insurance - 09/08/20 02:04 PM

Call Parker Waller agency in Greenville and see what they can do for ya.